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  1. You, ya fucking c**t. Say pleasing after the game nut. Wait till you're on P&B. You can get to f**k mate, Celebrate infront of me today and i would have took your head off,
  2. Shut it you fucking Abba lookalike c**t. This my last post of the year, you can get yourself to f**k mate. c***s have got nothing to say outside the ground. I acutally don't give a f**k you're a bunch of paps.
  3. No wonder this debys frowned upon you stupid c**t, Get yourself to f**k, go on.
  4. Been a few arabs got a smack in the pus tonight, Dont give a f**k you can all get to f**k you arab c***s. cya later boys i'm off. stick the heads gone thread up your arse. Dont tive a f**k this is the sort of fan i am. Get yourself to f**k you arab bastarads,
  5. Jim McLean, who was a coach at rival Dundee at the time, took over from Jerry Kerr in 1971 and the most successful era in the club's history began. Until then, United was the smaller and less successful of the two Dundee-based football clubs. Wonder what caused a minor shift in support?
  6. These are facts Gibson. I could reel them off at random points on the United thread but i don't visit it like you and Old man on the Dee threads.
  7. You also have to be saved by Dundee FC in your early history, when you averaged 1000 à week compared to Dundees 30 000, as you were skint.
  8. Yes, we went three years unbeaten not long ago diddy boy. Your support is all woman, kids and old tory basards. It's a simple fact.The percentage of Dundonians will be larger in the shed than any 'home end'.
  9. The DABs can trounce us by four tomorrow and they'll still be a wee joke club, built on joke foundations, infiltrated with beasts, woman and little gloryhunting kiddies. All clad in dayglo and singing along to 70s pop music. How many years did it take United to match Dundees honour list? Enough to make you laugh.
  10. Hope the hamsters of Dundee can have à safe Hogmany and New years day outwith the Albert Mongoose household.
  11. I've got a ticket for the shed - surely this can't be the same shed they sing about. Seemingly many Dees have tickets in the shed too. With the blubber twins Granny Danger and Lorraine Kelly in the stands i'm not surprised the home end will appear full.
  12. Never knew the Dabs were weather forecasters as well as c***s.
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