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  1. Inverness Independence March

    It was really good. Everyone was chilled out and happy. Lots of noise just past the Gellons where the Union Jack lot were doing their best to rile people up, but a laugh, a smile and a wave later we'd passed them. We got really lucky with the weather too, from a dreich start it was perfect. Great turnout too :-) 10/10 would march again.
  2. Inverness Independence March

    I'll be there.
  3. June 8th General Election

    Anyone been watching BBC News? Andrew Neil has been saying Hard Breakfast about 4 times this morning so far over the course of the past couple of hours. Poor guy must be starving and is forgetting the term Brexit.
  4. June 8th General Election

    These numbers are interesting. UK wide I'm lolling, but I'm sickened by the Scottish numbers
  5. Drew Hendry After work and a pre-voting meal out Local Gaelic primary school I'm excited.
  6. STV Leaders Debate

    Funniest thing I've seen in ages. Best debate so far.
  7. Oh Kez!!!

    Who's this John Macdonald that she kept on referring to?
  8. June 8th General Election

    Yes, but Nuttal is on tomorrow night, after which the big UKIP resurgence will kick in and voters will leave the Tories in their droves to the only man who can bring in the Australian Points Based System.
  9. ITV (Some) Leaders' Debate 18th May

    Nuttal desperate for acknowledgement during the closing credits there, no one noticed him though [emoji3]
  10. ITV (Some) Leaders' Debate 18th May

    Super boring. You missed nothing.
  11. Unusual Candidates In Your Area

    And I'll enjoy not voting for him, again.
  12. May Election Thread

    Voted in Inverness South SNP SNP Independent (had some good things to say on his visit to the house and didnt push the unionist thing so he got my 3rd vote) LibDem (Seems to be an OK individual) Labour (he was all about the saying no to ScotRef on his hastily binned campaign leaflet) Independent (tory in disguise, really dislike him) Independent (lunatic christian party mentalist. this guy cannot be allowed near anything that can impact anyone elses life) Tory
  13. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    I really enjoyed it. First time on a new bike though, and the first time I've cycled since last September. Apparently by the time the back of the pack got past Drum there were accidents all over the place. The 2 you're talking about looked awful. I'm not into the road cycling thing by in large, certainly not in groups of more than 2, it's terrifying the speed that some people go at while 3 inches from the person in front/to the side. I'm not telling you my time though :-D I'm happy enough with it but I was a bit slower than you.
  14. Natalie McGarry- Again

    Also she was one of the 13 to vote against the election. I can't see her getting near the inside of Westminster again.
  15. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.