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  1. I've heard there are a few teams talking to Dave. Also doubtful Largs would sign Begley now they have re-signed there 3 centre halves.
  2. Heard he has signed with Talbot too? That might send you over the edge!!
  3. Really intrigued to hear the names from Largs that Sandy has been trying to sign. Also heard he's been trying to sign a few of the ex Morton youth players again, that avenue didn't work out too great when he was at Largs!
  4. Sarcasm seems to be lost on here haha!
  5. Who would u say are their best players? Also heard Ryan Begley has told a few teams he is available.
  6. Any info on Largs then?
  7. P.s don't tell anyone, but I think Allan Frizzell is signing there too.. Shhhh tho!
  8. I, personally think Chris Strain is a complete w****r, but even I think this would be a crazy decision as he had been nothing but successful at Kilwinning. Majority of clubs would take him as manager given the chance!
  9. Sacked down to the way they spoke to the players. John McMaster in temporary charge.
  10. As I assumed... Prefer online gambling to everyone know my gambling habits lol
  11. Can these prices be found online Nocko??
  12. Just seems from this thread that you'd have signed lots!
  13. Has pollok released/sold a lot of players this off season? Seems as if they are signing a lot of players. What size of squad do they have now?
  14. Goalscorer who can play anywhere if needed
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