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  1. Pub Etiquette

    Did they form a queue in the form of a checkout? Seeing that a lot which is nothing short of infuriating
  2. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    This. If Easton played for anyone else he’d be everyone’s favourite player at that club. But we make him a scapegoat because he “doesn’t run enough” from the brigade who think we play 4-4-2 every single week. He plays every week for me. Can change a game and his ball retention is severely under rated.
  3. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    Interrupts me telling a story to a group, to correct the most minor detail, that has zero bearing on the anecdote. Me: “Anyways this all started on 2nd April....” Her: “no no no it was 3rd” Well then that made loads of difference
  4. Forfar v Arbroath

    Looks just onside there. Hard for the assistant when they are both going in different directions though. My biased opinions about the game aside....that was an outstanding game of football. Top value for money.
  5. Forfar v Arbroath

    Tbf it was a tap in, so it pretty much was. Did Moore look offside?
  6. Forfar v Arbroath

    Absolutely. Fair play to Arbroath for winning and being more clinical, but we hit the post and have a goal chopped off at 2-2.... Did anyone have a better view of that offside actually? From the stand it was tough to tell
  7. Forfar v Arbroath

    Surely TOB was equally as bad, or worse than Travis?
  8. Forfar v Arbroath

    Linn is some player. Was sitting there watching him line up the free kick and just knew it was going in [emoji85]
  9. Forfar v Arbroath

    Just play boys who run loads then eh? Regardless of actual footballing attributes
  10. Forfar v Arbroath

    Can see where the comparison comes from. I’m Easton’s biggest fan, but the difference today (and probably in general) is Linn is so clinical.
  11. Forfar v Arbroath

    Who plays instead of him then? He’s arguably our best player.
  12. Forfar v Arbroath

    Bain’s goal though
  13. Forfar v Arbroath

    If Easton scores instead of hitting the post then you wouldn’t be saying that.
  14. Forfar v Arbroath

    Was Easton injured? Odd one if not
  15. Forfar v Arbroath

    Do I need to define the term optimistic here?