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  1. Hahaha “Yeah so I paid $3000 and I turned up and he was drunk as a skunk and made us run the ropes for 8 hours and he let us sleep on the floor of the gym!!”
  2. Coincidental that Jericho was able to hold a Fozzy gig with no restrictions, last year
  3. I’d rather the locker room was filled with the team playing video games, than JBL bullying everyone and Taker leading everyone to bully lads like Mohammad Hussan. Taker carries a gun ffs [emoji23]
  4. Came here after seeing jericho. Pains me to say it but he might be done
  5. “Fines of £800 for anyone found at a house party of 15 people or more” What an absolute joke that is. Basically says do you what you want as long as there’s less than 15 of you.
  6. 5k done at lunch today. 90secs off from two days ago. Time is slowly getting back to normal pace
  7. Pogba loves taking a game in a transfer window
  8. Fulham back line are very organised. The exact opposite of Man Utd
  9. On this note...couples that don’t move into single file as I’m running past....c***s
  10. Wrestlevotes twitter (who is usually spot on) is saying that there will be 25k each night at mania
  11. Bryan vs Reigns....career vs title would be interesting.
  12. Dennis and Dee go on welfare for me. Followed by the gang beats Boggs and the first Chardie mcdennis
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