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  1. Sorry if it has been asked before, but what time is this due to start? There’s conflicting times online
  2. I’m sure I saw mince pie flavoured cookies the other day....
  3. I’d also add in that shes “stressed” that the Christmas tree isn’t up yet. Stressed..... I tend to save my stress for work, money, tough situations etc
  4. Preach brother, preach. Takes me ages to get to sleep so the aforementioned 30mins that Mrs BB takes fannying around is compounded by her falling asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.
  5. The AOP angle intrigued me but the rest of the show was utter garbage
  6. Can hardly wait for that WhatsApp message format to be the next set of memes [emoji85]
  7. Agreed. Forbes needs to play in the 10 with two workers either side (Tapping and Murray today) and it worked well. The reaction from conceding was the best part of today.
  8. Could’ve sworn I had seen a similar post like the following to quote, but perhaps not..... Had a hellish day at work yesterday so got home, had dinner etc and instead of my foul mood spreading I say “I’m going to go upstairs to watch the football as I’m in a grim mood and it’s not fair you having to put up with that” Fair right? Well she must’ve come into the room ten times each with a different reason....the worst one... she started trying on clothes etc on the big mirror
  9. We can’t afford to lose this game. 8 points is a huge gap.
  10. To be fair...they were trying to fight with the Killie fans last season before being totally chased away
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