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  1. Can’t believe the ref hasn’t abandoned the game yet....👀
  2. Give me Tapping and Jackson over some of the players we have today.
  3. Exactly. People remember what they want to remember. When Baird scored against Raith in the play off semi final at Station Park, there was only one team going through until we went down to ten men. Now look at Raith.... The Jim Weir team that season was one of the best I have seen. Never been so confident walking up to Station Park that we would beat whoever we were playing...and we usually did. People forget how brutal the team was at the end of Campbell’s tenure.
  4. I am. Dumbarton and Clyde “should” drop points...new manager bounce?
  5. Yup. Give them a team of “willing runners” chasing balls down the channel and hopeful balls over the top and they would be happy.
  6. Just saw his score. Buzzing for him
  7. That finish in the Cole/Reilly match btw
  8. Agreed. I don’t think there are luxury players tbh. Just players who make the game look easy. People would rather have players who run about chasing after their own mistakes as they look busy.
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