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  1. Games been called off!! because john the wranglers refusing to wear wranglers! Hes decided to go a bit more modern and wear converse. This is all because there is a rumour that the hound from st marys has been released onto creetowns pitch and has emptied its bowells all over the fuckin place
  2. thats why saints are top of the league are'nt they?
  3. well done to saints on reaching the final? Am sure the saints fans will be happy to here that! A hope u r the ginger white dog shit eater! Muppet
  4. Oh and how is the white dog shit that I spotted last week at st marys? It must be hard as hell now! A hope some1 smacks it over that we ginger b*****ds face that stands on the sidelines
  5. Craid lamont aka fizzle aka fuckin hannibal lector! A once seen him bite mr mcclymont(yag) in a game between newton and wigtown! Fierce b*****d that fizzle is. Balls like ice cubes ana
  6. newton got gooch sent off after 15-20 mins and were 1-0 down at the time. Think that says how solid newtons defence is and how much the boys are playing for each other this year
  7. Well from what a here he def has. Hes playin for wigtown the mora
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