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  1. Scottish football fans pretend they like an underdog story... when they think they are the underdog... Gonna be strange watching those arse clenching final weeks on the telly.
  2. Can we please dispense with the off-topic chat and focus on the real issue here of whether GT was getting rattled or giving a gammy.
  3. May as well be watching Rangers TV, this commentary is absolutely bowfin.
  4. That should be enough with half an hour to go.
  5. Here's that clip from both angles. There's a lot of selectively clipped GIFs or still images doing the rounds on twitter. All this talk of Woods grabbing his foot is nonsense. Can clearly see his hands go up to the injured area after the stamp. To say the Celtic player is shifting his weight to avoid stepping on him 😂 🐂 💩
  6. So the UK will be relegated. But at least Accies might not be! 😁
  7. Brilliant to have Temps back! Saw the 'daft' speculation earlier today, seemed highly unlikely only a few hours ago.... Then all the wee hints... The statement from Burton Albion... Then the media reports. Just need the official welcome home video now! Absolutely delighted! 😍
  8. I follow Hamilton Accies because I am a massive supporter of the mafia and organised crime.
  9. Ah Celtic Focus otherwise known as Myopia. Great day for the Accies fans and the seeth makes it all the more delicious! Nice for those gammons to get out their caves for a bit too!
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