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  1. Weirdly we (Dundee) played old Clydebank at Forthbank in a cup replay after a few Dees invaded the pitch at Kilbowie after our late equaliser. Probably about ‘96 or so.
  2. Perfect. Just got my tickets which was delightfully simple [emoji1303][emoji3]
  3. United favourites for this but in my head that’s been the scenario pretty much my whole life. A season here and there of parity or them being completely rubbish excepted. Makes winning all the more satisfying
  4. I rather think when Celtic fans say OB it’s mainly referring to fans of Rangers or to fans they believe have some kind of big team allegiance to Rangers, like when they chant it at Dens. No one can surely think that Celtic fans have any kind of real hatred of Protestants [emoji3]
  5. St Mirren stick on for bottom 2 this season.
  6. I popped past the shop. I’m able to pop past when I’m working as I’m out and about most days. What I’m not able to do is stand in a queue for about an hour which would have been the scenario on Wednesday!
  7. Was the Liverpool game not for George McGeachie? Long time ago tbf
  8. Well yes, the Dundee way is to run the business unsustainably, go bust again and again, shafting creditors left, right and centre.
  9. Plus I feel there’s quite a gap between top of the championship and bottom of the prem (hearts excepted).
  10. With a couple of exceptions it’s quite clear that the players are ‘quite pally’ with each other these days and either side would probably be ok with a guard of honour. Probably shouldn’t happen mind when you factor in the fans and the ‘troubles’ lol.
  11. Kind of just got into this band about a year ago and have spent the last year listening non stop to their stuff. They’ll forever be linked to covid and lockdowns in my mind and all the shit I’ve/we’ve been through [emoji51]
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