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  1. It’s this rubbish that eventually comes back to haunt you. You love to see it. GD is one of these DABs that thinks they’ll be back to top 3/4, semi finals, playing in Europe etc 🤪[emoji23] No chance. You’re a DFC on shite steroids ya stupid c**t
  2. Big enough. Rich enough. Smart enough. This is my new mantra 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  3. We’ll still have a bugger budget than these Glaswegian minks. Into them Dundee, no prisoners. DDYB
  4. Against rangers* in a pre season friendly on July 12 next summer obvs [emoji849]
  5. It’s a waste of time and money IMO. It’s a one off benefit that you’ll likely lose when the tub runs out. In future spend your money on better food or get some proper PEDs that will give you proper gains [emoji6]
  6. Some English people actually love the royals and are upset at this. WTF what a weird bunch. Get us away from these weirdos FFS
  7. This is true but is meaningless. Your caloric break even point changes all the time depending on activity levels, food consumption etc.
  8. I know they’re above us in the league but struggling against these teuchter perma diddies is a minter.
  9. Might be a distant relative of 1980s Japanese gymnast ‘Ming Pong’.
  10. This year I’m getting shripped, dealing with my alcohol demons and hooking up with THE ONE. Wish me luck* *i don’t need it, it’s happening [emoji846]
  11. Unlimited greenies on the app. No reds though.
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