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  1. I met the queen once. She was surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny.
  2. Mid table EPL with Brighton>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>skooshing a joke league with Celtic [emoji3]
  3. Thoughts and prayers to Rangers* and their fans at this very sad and difficult time
  4. This was a big thing in the 50s/60s when Dundee were the big team but folk pitched up to support the other local team. By the 70s United were very much the equal of Dundee and went onto big success and folk, in general, picked one team to follow.
  5. Where’s Uganda? Upstairs with my gran
  6. Worse than that. “Nelmsy” and WGS are [emoji23]
  7. Tommy Wright has to be the choice from that lot. Performed miracles at Saints. A shitshow at Killie doesn’t ruin all the goodwill imo.
  8. Inverness’s ‘Lionel Nessy’ is the best named mascot IMO.
  9. Good luck with your situation. You probably will need to distance yourself from some of friends/associates if you are serious about getting on to a cleaner path. Tomorrow sees me hit 150 days ‘sober’. I have a sober counting app that can be motivational at times [emoji3] It’s quite the cliche in alcohol/drug abuse circles but getting clean probably won’t be a panacea. I’m still a depressed, stressed, over worked, temperamental tube half the time but at least I’m not drunk all weekend and hungover half the week. Also little improvements here and there can add up. A little exercise, eating better, sleeping better etc.
  10. [emoji23] Brilliant. I can start my day knowing an American, in America, and a follower of Scottish Football, now knows about Clark’s in Dundee. Can recommend the Gut Buster
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