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  1. Well yes, the Dundee way is to run the business unsustainably, go bust again and again, shafting creditors left, right and centre.
  2. Plus I feel there’s quite a gap between top of the championship and bottom of the prem 🤷🏼‍♂️ (hearts excepted).
  3. With a couple of exceptions it’s quite clear that the players are ‘quite pally’ with each other these days and either side would probably be ok with a guard of honour. Probably shouldn’t happen mind when you factor in the fans and the ‘troubles’ lol.
  4. Kind of just got into this band about a year ago and have spent the last year listening non stop to their stuff. They’ll forever be linked to covid and lockdowns in my mind and all the shit I’ve/we’ve been through [emoji51]
  5. Showing my age here but I’ve no idea of what song that is. Genuine congrats to Rangers on an amazing league campaign and all the best for the upcoming euro games. The whole of Scotland is behind you, I’m sure.
  6. At least it doesn’t bother you at all when the Ds remind you of your liquidation in 2012 then the newco having to start in the bottom tier.
  7. A mere 9 years after liquidation and you’re on the brink of the Premiership title. Playing some excellent football too. Enjoy it.
  8. Spent the whole day at Our Price in Dundee to by that 12” the day it came out. Was back the following Monday to buy the Remix 12” 🤣
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