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  1. Played the first Ride album the other day. Like you I’ve loved it since it came out. I always had the LP version which ends at Vapour Trail. The CD had a few tracks on the end. Shout it to the Today Forever EP which is maybe their best ever release IMHO.
  2. The opening of Dark Side Of The Moon is my favourite. Speak To Me segueing into Breathe is just dreamy [emoji4]
  3. Bedsits tend to have a separate kitchen. A ‘studio’ flat tends to be the term for one all purpose room, with separate bathroom.
  4. Tbf to Bazza we proved him right under Neil McCann 🤣
  5. In fairness it is on Wiki as an official thing but I know you had corrected me before [emoji85]
  6. Let me know where I can drop it off PM me bud.
  7. Is it the Hangar Records one? I have one in mint condition and will donate FOC. I actually know SK. Best wishes.
  8. What are all these cars with “Zippy” on them al about? Is Zippy a company or what? Maybe just a Dundee thing.
  9. Hardly they’ve been the top club for about all the last 45 years. Keep up m8.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/Shaunkennedy_/status/1078417156881240064
  11. Did Rangers* fans not claim to be the quintessential British football club [emoji848]
  12. On Instagram, why do links get put in bios and not in the actual post?
  13. Yes, picked that up when it came out. Love it. Did you see the BBC documentary about it? Highly recommended if you didn’t.
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