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  1. I’m the same. Actually my position is actually very similar to yours. I feel a lengthy abstinence is all that will work for me. Whenever I “have to” drink at a big social thing or whatever it sets me back. I was out over the weekend and don’t plan on drinking again for a long time. Of course we all drink for a reason and it’s sorting out the background stuff that will help us. I recently self referred to Insight but haven’t heard back yet. It’s only been 2 months mind.
  2. Interesting fact - the crowd for Dundee's win in Heysel Stadium is still the record attendance for the stadium. What a club.
  3. The Nick Cave album is the very definition of ‘trying too hard’ IMO.
  4. Quite a fair assessment. Our team just didn’t create anything. United the better team and strolled it tbh. We’ll likely finish top 4 and I’m quite looking forward to the playoff experience. A top 4 finish and at least one derby win will do me for this season [emoji120]
  5. The game seems to have crept up on me but it should be good. A full house at Dens under the lights. What could possibly go wrong [emoji85]
  6. You ken you’ve hit a nerve when Stumigoo wades in!!
  7. The very definition of ragdolled !!
  8. The DABs looking for your real name are surely just AA types wanting to reach out IMO.
  9. The iPhone Xr is the slidiest phone ever. Slides off surfaces with no discernible gradient at all. f**k Steve Jobs.
  10. I hope we press United this time and not invite their ‘flair players’ onto us, like last time. They looked like Brazil ‘70 in the latter part of the first half at Tannadice. Win this and I’ll be delighted and amazed!
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