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  1. Lennon shiteing it about the league so plays a youth team. Away win.
  2. Is this written in the Irish language, because I don't have a fuckin clue what it means?
  3. I assumed 'Indigo at O2' meant a wee side room at the O2 and there was a wee bit of downsizing going on. Is the venue they've booked actually bigger than Lakeside, and nobody is bothering to buy tickets into the bargain? Edit - Obviously I know it's not the main arena they've taken on.
  4. Why did the BDO move from Lakeside to 'Indigo at the O2'?
  5. What happened between them during the game and what did Wright say in the interview? I've managed to miss both.
  6. Just edited my post as you were posting. Was thinking along the lines of a time limit.
  7. Cheers. Is the Morrison's not a tow away joint? They usually are near a stadium, regardless of how big the ground is. Edit - By tow away joint I mean CCTV cameras and parking limited to 2 hours or so max?
  8. Where's best for parking? Only ever been to Recreation Park on a supporters bus but will be driving straight from work next week. Also, where are the turnstiles for the away terracing behind the goal? It's been a while!
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