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  1. She asked what the figures were for hospitality, considering there were further restrictions being imposed on that sector and he didn't know. It was a fair enough question in my book.
  2. He's not looking the best for it, TBH.
  3. Yes, IMO. Edit to add - Probably intended so that parents can go to work, rather than engage in leisure activities, although it doesn't say that.
  4. You are correct. They can do everything that is permitted for a 'normal' household.
  5. I think the rule is that's fine, but only your other half can do it (or you, assuming you live with your other half and are therefore part of the bubble). If your other half has, for example, siblings they're not supposed to also visit their old dear indoors as you can't be part of more than one bubble.
  6. An 'extended household' (as it's known in Scotland) involves someone who lives alone or with children all under 18 creating a household with one other household of any size/makeup between adults and children. A household of 2 cannot meet another household of 2 indoors.
  7. I'm assuming pubs will shut at 10 on Friday.
  8. Is that not already the rule, or am I reading your post wrong?
  9. Anyone who was of swallying age in Glasgow in the 90s may have encountered this phenomenon in the days of the Bonkers Big Office Party. Leave the premises blootered at 8 or 9pm on a sunny summer Friday evening, thinking it was about 2am after a 3 hour sesh on the pound pints and ten bob haufs.
  10. B..b..b..but George Foulkes and Jackie Baillie got them stopped? He trumpeted the fact on his Twitter.
  11. Is it not the case that some of them tested positive for Covid during routine testing on admission but going in for something completely unrelated as opposed to 'as a result of catching the virus'?
  12. Is this the UK government? We got a letter from Jason Leitch via the school after the first week of term basically telling everyone to screw the nut and reminding us to only get a test if any of the actual covid symptoms are present. Just wondering if this is England now experiencing what we did up here just after the schools went back.
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