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  1. If Spain score then they will win the group and Japan will be 2nd on goals scored, no? Edit - No, I'm talking shite.
  2. Runners up of this group (E) play winners of F (Morocco) in last 16 and are on course to meet England or whoever in semis.
  3. Has their system maybe defaulted the positions to alphabetical order? It definitely seems the BBC are in the right.
  4. Mind that time Scotland were seconds away from a drawimg of lots scenario in 1990? My old man very rarely got emotional about football but when Uruguay scored against South Korea he was visibly beelin.
  5. Why have BBC News been doing outside broadcasts from Gloucester all week?
  6. Just read about Wojtek on Wiki. Some boy! Finished up in Edinburgh Zoo.
  7. I was at the game yesterday. Hardly anything in the way of chances, but on the other side of the turnstiles I was quite impressed with the food and swally 'fanzone' thing in the car park. Assuming the club gets a decent cut, it looked like they might have raked in a few bob.
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