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  1. just checking- any subs i made tonight, i will still receive the points for the player ? e.g. if i sub boyce out tonight for player playing tomorrow ill still receive the points for boyce won't I?
  2. shame we never really gave him too much of a chance, seemed decent on last game of season and I would've had him back if possible but would wage demand would be far too high for us
  3. in my opinion it is.. Logan (Aberdeen) Matthews (Celtic) Raven (ICT) Watson (Dundee United) Sod/Mcmillan (Partick) Barbour (Killie) Gordon (Hamilton) Reid (Mwell) Mackay (ST J) Naismith (ST M) Dreesen (C*unty) McGinn/Irvine (Dundee)
  4. yep hence why I put him lower, think he'll lack playing time , shame as he was a good player
  5. I think this is the order for the lb role in terms of ability, who have I got in the wrong order etc? Mulgrew Shinnie Forsyth Robertson Wallace Hammell Easton Ats
  6. Some Im not happy with from thistle O'Donnell - 61 > 59 I'd have had him higher maybe 63 McMillan - 58 > 57 Should be 61 Bannigan - 62 > 62 how is banzo not a silver haha Osman - 58 > 56 If he keeps his performances up he would deserve a 62/63 card Welsh - 56 > 60 Upgraded after playing maybe 1/3rd of the season Still a fairer rating Fraser 55 > 59 Good upgrade but I'd like more still... probably about fair though Stevenson - 64 > 60 How was he downgraded? He did well for hearts :S
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