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  1. Goodwillie is so fucking uninterested it's ridiculous.
  2. Cash saved, Clyde win and a bunch of enraged entitled Bairns. If Carslberg did Saturdays...
  3. Indeed he did, but absolutely rank fucking rotten today. I just don't see it with the boy at all. I've never rated McNiff highly to be honest and for me I don't feel he is suited to this level.
  4. Before I started properly supporting Clyde, a friend and I went up to Dingwall (mind we would've been possibly 15/16 at the time) on the train for the first friendly of his reign. Came away from that knowing it'd end badly. Between him and Ferguson for me, as I wasn't around for the Bombscare Brown saga.
  5. " - Smith is utter pish" McNiff & Petkov are much, much worse IMO. Incredibly frustrating first half from us, dominant the second. Thought Lamont's work rate in particular was brilliant and helped turn the game around but Love & Johnston contributed to that also. Think Johnstone could still be turning Kieran MacDonald inside out the now. Before the game would've bit your hand off for a point, come away slightly gutted not taking all three. Good point, onto another biggie next week!
  6. The Thistle thread from last night & this morning is absolutely glorious. Delicious, delicious tears. DL [emoji173]'s the Clyde.
  7. Believe he is a football/sports lecturer for New College Lanarkshire (new Cumbernauld College).
  8. Been a difficult place for us to go previously but hopefully we can go and impose ourselves with a strong performance again and bring 3 points down the road. Peterhead tend to be a much more physical side so in that aspect, do fear slightly for Johnston that he may take a clattering & feel Smith could deal with those harder tackles a bit better. Obviously DGW needs no more plaudits but I hope Smith's goal last week gives him a bit of confidence and he can kick on and bag plenty more. Changed (& welcome!!) days for the Bully!!!
  9. Is there any actual truth to us signing these two boys we're supposedly waiting on and if so, does anyone know what the delay is? If we don't sign another LB by deadline that's slightly worrying. Finally caught highlights of yesterday's game, looks like another solid battling performance & were unlucky not to take all 3 points. Still would like to see D.L. Smith playing firmly up top with Goodwillie, but hard to argue with Mark Lamont's work rate. Hopefully now we've played arguably the most difficult run of games we could've got, get a couple of points on the board. A wee win next Sat against QoS wouldn't go amiss either!
  10. McNiff by a considerable head and shoulders has been the worst player in the team since we returned for pre-season. Agree we competed decently but should've made subs a helluva lot earlier. Like Danny said post-match, these games are learning curves. As long as we aren't being embarrassed in the next few tough games we have coming up, excited to see what we get with Goodie, Rankin, Norway and Love coming back into the side.
  11. Expecting to scudded by at least 2 or 3, our defence is rotten and Goodwillie is nowhere near fully fit yet.
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