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  1. 34 minutes ago, kingjoey said:

    For the second week in a row we will have opposition fans saying how shite their team is, this week St Johnstone, and how many Aberdeen are going to beat them by. At least we won’t get that shit next week from Livi fans.

    We don't have that nice wee new manager boost that Motherwell had. 

    Our team is shite and our manager is hopeless.

    We have one system, are too negative, too defensive and don't score goals. 

  2. 38 minutes ago, Radford said:

    Ahh, Marcus Haber!

    I've spent all morning trying to work out why @tree house tam felt that way about Davide Xausa!

    Lost in everything at the weekend, our £100,000 centre back can't even make the 20-man squad now. To waste so much of the McCann and Kerr money as we did has been criminal. Folk might say we stayed up but even that has come at a cost...

    Jeez. I'm sure Aberdeen would have sold us Considine for about £50,000 at the same time as well.

    It's crazy how much money he's wasted on actual transfer fees and contracts.

    And at this point his best signing for this season looks like Mitchell on loan 🤣

    Although Eric Nic in The Courier appears to have swapped his infatuation with Eve Muirhead for Daniel Phillips.


  3. 54 minutes ago, Theyellowbox said:

    Not sure what is delusional here. Not CD's biggest fan, but we have gone there, been battered more and come away with a better score in the past. Yesterday, they were better, but it's not as if we were backs to the wall for 90 mins. Arguably, all 4 goals were avoidable, which is the point he is making.

    I'm done with his shite.

    The formation/tactics/play style and general mindset is so predictable and negative. It invites too much pressure and individual errors are inevitable.

  4. 1 hour ago, Kyle said:

    Davidson, who has already overseen a significant summer rebuild in Perth, anticipates further transfer activity before the window closes.


    “There are always moving parts,” he said. “There are still areas on the pitch we need to look at. Over the next two or three games, players can make decisions for me in terms of ‘no, you don’t need new players in this position’ or otherwise.

    this is in the context of us having signed Phillips. We’re going to have enough to field 3 starting 11s by the time he’s finished :lol: 

    It's some shift from when Tommy and Bulletproof were at each others throats about squad size.

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