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  1. We don't have that nice wee new manager boost that Motherwell had. Our team is shite and our manager is hopeless. We have one system, are too negative, too defensive and don't score goals.
  2. Steve Grieve thinks Mahon is brilliant. Is that good/bad? Who knows?
  3. Jeez. I'm sure Aberdeen would have sold us Considine for about £50,000 at the same time as well. It's crazy how much money he's wasted on actual transfer fees and contracts. And at this point his best signing for this season looks like Mitchell on loan Although Eric Nic in The Courier appears to have swapped his infatuation with Eve Muirhead for Daniel Phillips.
  4. Yeah but we didn't concede any goals yesterday by Bair trying a trick.
  5. I'm done with his shite. The formation/tactics/play style and general mindset is so predictable and negative. It invites too much pressure and individual errors are inevitable.
  6. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/3591361/st-johnstone-cammy-macpherson-thigh-injury-rangers/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social He's delusional.
  7. I've a funny feeling that's it for Vertainen. Unless there's a new management team in of course.
  8. It's some shift from when Tommy and Bulletproof were at each others throats about squad size.
  9. Still concerned we're heading for some serious trouble this season,(occasional rabona aside), but at least this is a promising signing.
  10. They better watch out or they'll get doxxed by that c*nt.
  11. He'll genuinely feel that 3 new CBs and a new GK playing ok and not completely folding is a success. Especially with the red card.
  12. Motherwell to score first...and that's it really. They might score more. We won't score but if we actually have a shot on target then Davidson will be happy about our "attacking intent" but that we have to be more "clinical".
  13. Couldn't find any agent information but if Preston starts talking him up on the radio then we'll know for sure.
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