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  1. Bizarre not to "trust" Vertainen when Muller and Dendoncker have been chucked in with little or no experience.
  2. Horrendous stuff today. Can't defend like that and expect anything. Fully deserved 3 points for Livi.
  3. Picked quite a night for my first ever Scotland match. Had my vaccine passport checked. Some atmosphere! Never been in anything like it. Great,(second half) performance! What a fucking night in the end! And for the winner to be scored in injury time caused by their ridiculous time wasting.
  4. He had a lot of credit in the bank with Saints fans and certainly gave us plenty of great memories. Being expected to win a league though is something that's new to him and it's probably worth being patient. He's certainly not a clueless buffoon. He's a fat, lodge loving b*****d though.
  5. I think one of Tam's illegitimate children is reaching out to him here.
  6. Dundee are shite but there was some lovely passing and movement for our goals today.
  7. I just don't think that Rooney has the concentration to be an option at CB.
  8. Yes. Get it done. Seeing a Morelos goal chalked off because his fringe is offside would be fantastic.
  9. Hendry is no miss. Be a wee bit interested to see how he gets on. But not much.
  10. It's piling up now though. In crucial areas. Particularly the defence and that's the whole point. We were missing Gordon, Bryson, McPherson, Davidson and Brown went off. So defence is a massive problem now. It'll likely be Ambrose, Muller and Dendoncker. Two of them with very, very little experience. It'll be hugely different to the cup game.
  11. No excuse. But surely Dundee have a great chance now. Gordon McCart Brown Bryson Davidson McPherson All out. Means that it's likely to be Ambrose and two 19 year olds at the back. A back three that's only trained together.
  12. Should that occur then our players will deal with it appropriately and safely.
  13. It's such a bizarre stance to take. Obviously CD has my complete trust but I don't get this one.
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