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  1. What a shambles of a manager. That game was won until he changed it needlessly.
  2. Remember that he's "a better footballer". Full of "energy" and "legs". Despite anyone with eyes being able to see that he's utterly shite.
  3. C'mon m9! You know we have the best pies. And you can't cheer on Dodds either.
  4. We're shite this season lads. It's no accident we're where we find ourselves. If folk thought we were defensive under McInnes then Tommy just wait till you witness this display of stunning negativity.
  5. https://twitter.com/ScotlandSky/status/1527046020055674880?t=mKa7eRRf0KutFmpVfNZktA&s=19
  6. Agree completely. He can't be gone soon enough but unfortunately I don't actually see it being very soon.
  7. Exactly! He'll point out that experiments like Vertainen have failed while experience like Conway have worked for him. Experience that knows the league.
  8. He's arrogant/twatty enough to check social media so he's 100% cupping his ears or shushing whenever he scores his first goal.
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