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  1. Adam Hastings needs to spend a bit of time down the park practicing with his old man.
  2. OAM is hardly at the cutting edge of journalism. If anything this will harm her career. But in reality. WGAF.
  3. Clark has regressed significantly from some early promise. Goalkeeper is a massive weak spot for us as neither inspire confidence.
  4. Really pleased that Stevie is looking sharp and confident again. It'll be interesting to see how the new striker fits in. Nice to have options!
  5. The only outcome is that Scottish football continues to lose out as everything favours the two Glasgow sides.
  6. It's the goalkeeper coaching. Mathers was shite. His coaching is shite.
  7. Obviously Brechin are woeful but I'm delighted for Stevie May 😁
  8. Ghostie is one weird,angry dinner lady. Remembered a story by Danny Griffin. At a Football Fans in Training event in Dunfermline Ghostie threw a massive strop and tried to walk back to Perth😁
  9. Duffy away......a sexy foreign striker coming in.......a hint at another signing as well.......what a time to be alive!
  10. Idiot. He probably couldn't even catch corona virus.
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