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  1. Not fussed about Wright signing up again. I'm sure the wages could be put to better use.
  2. Still can't get over what a complete bombscare Czerniak was!
  3. TW obviously saw something in Cleland to keep him around so that's something but it's fairly uninspiring.
  4. What a player. Absolute joy to watch. Can only wish him all the best.
  5. The last "Armageddon" was brilliant. Bring on the next one.
  6. My first semi was 91 against Utd. Didn't we get robbed by an unjustly disallowed goal?
  7. I'm sure Cleland had applied at Raith Rovers before.
  8. There's a concomitant risk that this will be a load of paranoid pish.
  9. Heard that Kirsten Robertson started the coronavirus by making bat soup.
  10. Callum Davidson is the sensible choice. Obviously rated by TW and was a key part of our recent record. Cleland is the tea maker who has been turned down for all the other jobs he's applied for.
  11. Because he was a fairly shite striker for us for a couple of seasons which is reasonable enough for some folk.
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