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  1. Very clear that Tommy isn't happy. I don't think that I've ever seen an interview quite like it. He's definitely on the way out one way or another.
  2. Macca also constantly drops deep when the team are playing shite to try and influence things but ends up totally cancelling any attacking threat. He's not needed now.
  3. Bet Broon claims the petrol expenses for dropping Kennedy off at Pitoddrie.
  4. What an absolute shitshow this season has been. Embarrassing stuff. If we aren't relegated this season it'll be some achievement. All have to learn from this. TW especially as his biggest problem is that he's too loyal to players.
  5. Kane is a decent striker at championship level. Tommy would definitely keep him around.
  6. You think it's bad now? What about all the old timers watching before Totten? Young folks.......you don't know you're living etc etc.
  7. It's absolute madness and folly to sign young defenders with potential. Madness and folly! Give me a bang average journeyman any day!
  8. No worries lads. Ross Callachan is on now.
  9. No surprise. Bulletproof will always go with the cheapest quote.
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