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  1. If it was Tommy watching and not CD then Sow would have been the most obvious one for him to be interested in.
  2. CD was at the Dunfermline v Dundee game last night...who might he have been interested in?
  3. If CD is going to persist with the formation then it's vital that some time is spent on getting in the right new players. Kane doesn't cut it because he is a liability in front of goal. He does other things really, really well but is just not a reliable finisher. As for Clark.............his form has fallen off a cliff and there are no signs of it picking up. Another keeper is an absolute must.
  4. Might be a wee opportunity for you there. Get your CV fired in!
  5. It's bad enough having Liam Gordon's dad on here. Now we've got Zanders!
  6. Derek Ferguson actually seems to care about and enjoy Scottish football. You can also tell that he prepares for games and makes notes to refer to etc. So he's alright by me and welcome to marry my sister any day.
  7. Should look at big Macey from Hibs. 6'7, huge and dominant in the box like Nick Pope.
  8. WTF! He caused the penalty! It was hardly some injustice.
  9. He owes them big time. He's been shaky for a few years now.
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