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  1. Well their fans fight each other and shite on each other when they celebrate winning the league. It's no surprise that this has happened. Scum.
  2. Makes sense a lot of this. The underachieving "big" clubs can't beat us on the pitch so they have to dream up some dodgy deals off the pitch to try and hamstring us. How Machiavellian.
  3. Not a huge surprise but what a fucking idiot John Hartson is.
  4. No surprises to hear that they're also bullies behind the scenes. f**k loan players. I'd be going public. But then of course your wife and kids would be getting death threats no doubt.
  5. He's either got to have faith in the overall ability of the young, inexperienced CBs or signing them is pointless. Rooney at CB is such a waste. Plus he's not great there.
  6. A makeshift defence. Or a defence with zero experience other than McCart. Or a defence with a bit more experience but includes Rooney who can't concentrate for 90 minutes. A makeshift midfield. We can't score goals. Our most potent attacker belongs to Sevco and won't be playing.
  7. I think it's clear to see just how positive an effect Zander Clark has had on the whole squad.
  8. I enjoy Craig Levein as a pundit.
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