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  1. I was at the game today. The Ref was clearly Rangers supporter. Red cards to TJs players were beyond joke. They were just playing hard as usual. The Ref ignored most fouls by Rangers though. Hopefully TJs club will appeal the red cards to SFA. I have written to SFA years ago. Of course they did not reply to me, so I am not going to waste my time to write to them....
  2. Thank you for letting me know that.
  3. I just saw 'Celtic B v Tranent Juniors - tickets on sale' Do I have to buy a ticket online? Can I just pay by cash on the day?
  4. Here is Japanese New Year (thing)...
  5. Yes, they are Kohaku Kamoboko. McDonald's in Japan is much better than ones in Scotland. Tasty and clean....
  6. Ha, ha... I came to Japan after Christmas. I have no idea why Japanese people eat KFC for Christmas anyway, as I do not.
  7. I miss Scottish football Happy New Year. (sorry to late greeting as I did not check this site until Tranent Juniors won a game)
  8. Good to hear that. I prefer Japanese New Year than Scottish New Year even though I miss watching football...
  9. Thank you! You too Happy New Year from Japan (with the traditional New Year Japanese food
  10. Thanks to the manager, his players are getting better every week this season as far as I can see. Shame I could not go to see the game, as I am in Japan at moment...
  11. It was funny that Edi Uni manager was swearing without any rest for 90 minutes. Just 'F.....' for 90 min.
  12. Thank you for letting me know. I just saw BBC page and Twitter....
  13. Will the game Celtic B v Tranent Juniors F.C on tonight?
  14. Now I am looking forward to going to see games every week now even though I prefer when Nishy was a player rather than a manager
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