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  1. Policy UK nuclear deterrent... ...deterrent ...deterrenthttps://www.gov.uk/government/policies/uk-nuclear-deterrent
  2. I'm not sure you understand this. They are a deterrent.
  3. I agree but the threat of attacking a nation that is armed with nuclear weapons is clear to any right minded person.
  4. They are a deterrent. That is all.
  5. It is a hypothetical scenario but a reasonable assumption would be that Russia may have considered over 1000 wareheads sufficient rationale to avoid.
  6. Which area of the UK was that, England, Scotland, NI or Wales?
  7. Aye, there's always been 50+ SNP ministers in WM
  8. Ukraine gains independence from the the former Soviet Union. Under pressure from Russia (and the US) Ukraine agrees to give up it's massive nuclear arsenal. If memory serves me correctly in 1994 Ukraine, Russia and the US sign the Budapest Memorandum in which Russia (and the US) promise not to invade or attack Ukraine recognising it's sovereignty. Ukraine's gives up it's nukes. Russia invades - type thing.
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