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  1. We need facts

    I'm off to bed. Casual Bystander, pick this up tomorrow. Like I said, I'm enjoying some smart debate. Unfortunately it's being punctuated by nonsense but so be it. Cheers.
  2. We need facts

    Of course my assertions are fact free. There are no facts to be had. Thanks for making my point for me.
  3. We need facts

  4. We need facts

    Right now the risk is minimal, if not infinitesimal. My point is that we don't know what shape the world will be in in 10, 15 or 30 years from now. I think we're angling down different paths here.
  5. We need facts

    I might fall asleep soon but we can pick this up tomorrow for sure.
  6. We need facts

    Ok... It was definitely you who said they were at risk (the post you made about the tanks rolling in) Anyway....... Denmark at risk of attack? Given that any country is at risk of attack then yes, they are at risk. How great is the risk is the next question. Denmark being Denmark... The risk is minimal compared to us. We are the UK (currently) best friends of the USA. This puts us way way higher up on the risk scale. We're also pretty strategic geographically which again raises the risk for us in comparison to a country like Denmark. What next?
  7. We need facts

    I'm not aware exactly... It was you who said they were. For the sake of argument let's say they are. What next?
  8. We need facts

    LOL :-)
  9. We need facts

    Thanks. It's very clear that you're way smarter than me so i'll take that.
  10. We need facts

    True I guess, but the web page is written just fine and it's really not relevant to this discussion either way.
  11. We need facts

    I like a bit of banter. Not been on a forum in.... Many years.
  12. We need facts

    Not for the sake of it. To follow through on the point you made. Your continual reference to my badly written web page puzzles me. The web page is written just fine, otherwise it wouldn't work.
  13. We need facts

    I'm just here to debate. I'll be more intelligent than some and less so than others, like us all.
  14. We need facts

    I didn't say they were at risk of attack. You did. I agreed for the sake of following through on your point.
  15. We need facts

    Sorry I didn't see the first part of your post about the code. I did that in an hour laying in bed one Sunday a few weeks ago... I don't think the integrity of the code on a thrown together site is relevant. I also have found that people who go to great lengths to overstate how intelligent they are on forums are generally 14 years old.