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  1. Harthill Royal

    Here is what is doing the rounds at Harthill. This is second hand mind you. its only what sparky was told by person he is working for, but he is close to the club. Make your own mind up from this, It looked as though there was an attempt to take over the running of the club. Manager and assistant brought relatives on board as committee members. An AGM was called for Sunday 3rd August. All connected with the club could attend. Management and committee knew about the AGM as they were at general meeting when the date was agreed. It would also appear that the management and related committee members had no intention of attending AGM claiming that they didnt know, and this was their way of undermining the Secretary, and getting him out, as the next man being the President, was an easier target. The manager, just happened to arrive at the clubhouse shortly before the AGM was to start, and had a read at the Financial Statement, before leaving a few minutes later, and this is what his accusations are based on. There was several copies of this statement for all to see, and not hidden from anyone, along with copies of the constitution and agenda. Very few attended the AGM, but a committee was put in place from those in attendance, minimum of four, for operating purposes. A further EGM was called for on the first Sunday in September, to allow any changes to be made as required. Nothing sinister there me thinks, just following protocall if that is right. After the first league game, on the wednesday night against Pumpherston, the management and related committee members asked to speak to the secretary in the clubhouse, but did so after everyone else was away from the ground. They immediately accused him of various things, with mismanagement or non accounting of club funds. The secretary attempted to answer these accusations, but was shouted at every time he tried to speak, and eventually left the meeting without answering any of the accusations. My understanding is also that he said he was going to resign, the next day. Following on from this point, the secretary didnt go to the game on the Saturday, and then refused to attend a meeting called by the management team on the next Tuesday night. Maintaining that the committee run the club and not the management. The secretary did however, call a meeting to clear his name the following evening, Wednesday, where all committee were asked, and did attend. As far as I am aware, the related accusers on the committee side, walked out of the meeting when the secretary announced that as he had done nothing wrong, he was not going to resign. He also went on to prove his innocense to those remaining, and the finances were for the second time, passed as being correct and above board. There was not one single item of evidence produced at the meeting by anyone to show irregularities, and as a result they were instantly dismissed. It was also stated that the secretary had no say at all, in the decision to sack the management and their relations. The manager who had just been sacked, saw fit to contact and arrange a meeting with the players on the Thursday, the day after being dismissed. The players should have been training, and not at a meeting with someone who had no justification in calling them together. Ironic then, that no players turned up on the Saturday for the home game against Stoneyburn. This is thr reason that the Scottish fa were called in, as each player was in breach of contract. The ban they could have got was from them, not the club. Nothing to do with the club. What is clear, is that someone, possibly a player, is feeding HarthillJFC with information, and he is using what he thinks are positives for himself. If this is a true account of events, then shame on you guys, and everyone should get behind the real Harthill Juniors, and help them pull through. I know what I am beginning to believe no. It would still help big time, if someone from Harthill came out and told us their view. See how much of this is true.
  2. Harthill Royal

    Im from the Dale, not Harthill. Everyone calls him Sparky, even his dad
  3. Harthill Royal

    Sparky (my lovely man) went along to West Calder Harthill game today. He said it was a very tight game, and West Calder just the better team, but not by much. Harthill goalie saved two penalties, but he said they were very poor attempts. Had West Calder scored them, it wouldnt have been a true reflection on the game. Harthill looked good in parts during the game. Sparky said referee was a little lenient in first half, then card happy in second with both teams picking up a few cautions. He thinks Harthill will get better as they are a new team, and still to gel together. The number 9 was strong up front, and unlucky not to score a couple of goals. Seems like they are going to be ok this season after all.
  4. Harthill Royal

    Ive been told this by my husband who was working for someone in greenrigg. The management got sacked for false statements against the committee. The old management picked up there personal belongings from the club, and also took away all the training footballs, bibs and other stuff. The guy that is posting on Twitter and on here, is one of those that was sacked. If so, should he be using Harthill name???. Come on the real Harthill. How about telling us all what is going on there.
  5. Harthill Royal

    My husband was doing a job in Greenrigg last night. He asked about the lads training out the back of the house. He was told it was Harthill Juniors. He guessed there was about 20 of them. Where were they all when they couldnt play.???????
  6. East Region South Division Thread 2014-2015

    My husband was doing a job at greenrigg last night and asked about the lads training out the back. Was told it was Harthill Juniors. There was about twenty of them. Where has the players been when they couldnt play.