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  1. So was the Celtic player on or off the field when the throw in was taken? If he’s on the field he’s with two yards, therefore, encroaching on the Motherwell player taking the throw, or, if he’s off the field the Motherwell player has thrown the ball out of play, so it’s a throw in to Celtic. Doesn’t matter in the end but it’s a bit of a weird one
  2. We’re getting beat tomorrow night but after that we need to start picking up points
  3. Against my better judgment, I’m going to this game Expecting another defeat but you never know (it’ll be another humping)
  4. At least D redeemed himself later in the game. Shields is utter bobbins
  5. Van Veen getting no service, but doesn’t look interested anyway. No complaints about the goal, boy was miles onside. No need for VAR. Wee Tierney gets fouled in the box, step up VAR, no penalty. Strange. Need to step it up in the second half, hit some shots at least because Aberdeen look way too comfortable. Hammell has some job on his hands
  6. That was a penalty all day long . Didn’t need VAR
  7. Might go to the game to see if we get big tv’s for VAR decisions
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