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  1. The spirit of McGonagall lives on in Dundee I see. Can's see us getting anything from this but should be a good game, better than going out to a team in League 1 anyway
  2. could you not sell the house to your children, then the asset belongs to them?
  3. What's the best way to watch the world cup games on TV, are they all on BBC / ITV or are some on BT / Sky only, cheers.
  4. I was asking myself the exact same question this afternoon @Reggie Perrinand can only think that we were short of players and they were available and of "league one" standard, it was strange watching particulalry Taylor-Sinclair as he just seemed to suck the life out of everything, I dont like singling players out for criticism and there is definitly a lot wrong with the team at the moment but I would rather have had a teenager in the team who would at least have had a bit of enthusiasm
  5. Credit to Alloa for getting the win but I thought that looked two distinctly mid table teams, possibly 6th and 7th if that form carries on. We missed Frizzel badly and as I said on the Airdrie thread Telfer and Taylor Sinclair I thought jst slowed everything down. We needed to be lucky with injuries and suspensions with such a small squad and we havent been, think we're seeing the consequences of that today.
  6. Very poor today. Didnt think much of Telfer or Taylor-Sinclair, it felt like they slowed everything down and just of put a downer on things in some way. Really missed Frizzel, just never looked like scoring. The keeper looked ok though. Think we can forget winning the league or any sort of run of form but QP showed last year its possible to sneaak 4th and still go up. Ending up with such a small squad is really showing now, why did we send a player our on loan with such a small squad? I think McCabe should be given time, no point in taking the risk if he isnt going to be given time develop and get things right (would it be unreasonable to cite Alex Ferguson at Man U? Looks like we'll just need to try and keep things going and hopefully get players back from injury / loan deals in January.
  7. @Joe TerrapinI challeneged my meter readings on the basis the meter was faulty, took ages to prove including at one point turning the power to the house off and watching the meter continue to record usage, I got a second meter fitted and that proved the first one wasnt working and I eventually got about £600 back, I found mentioning the ombudsman moved things further up the chain of comand and got things moving
  8. #Flagle #217 2/6 https://www.flagle.io
  9. quite pleased with this one #Flagle #214 2/6 https://www.flagle.io
  10. #Flagle #213 2/6 https://www.flagle.io
  11. #Flagle #212 3/6 https://www.flagle.io
  12. interesting map @jagfoxand shows how the Russian advance ground to a standstill for a long time before Ukraine hit back. Thanks to @ICTChrisand all the others for regular updates on this thread
  13. that's incredible @supermikwhy wold you keep a panther in a pub?! Saying that there was a bear in a pub near me in the 80's On this day 1980: Hercules the grizzly bear goes missing in the Scottish Hebrides | The Scotsman
  14. thanks for confirming @Proudtobeabairnalthough that means i'm wrong when I said "there's no way you could buy a monkey in Falkirk that recently"
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