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  1. Great stuff, I take it there is some sort of limit as to how many kids you can take in with one paying adult?! Gave the lads a choice between watching Airdrie (my team) or the albion (local team) and they've gone for the Albion, this was after explaining we couldn't go and see Barcelona or Chelsea.
  2. Question to Stirling Albion fans, I'm taking my two sons to a game at Forthbank next month, both are under 12, would they both get in free or is it just one child that gets in free with each paying adult? Cheers.
  3. All this no manager, no players etc is very depressing so as a bit of light relief i've created a playlist on spotify of airdrie songs, plenty left for others to add, reminds us of the days we had something to sing of Should have said just type "airdrie" into spotify and it should come up
  4. Does anyone know if there is somewhere that you can compare the number of sunshine hours a place has experienced from one year to the next? I'm sure the last two summers have been darker and more miserable than those before but wanted to find a way to check if this was the case? Remember reading a while back that climate change would make Scotland permanently warmer, cloudier and wetter which looks like it is happening...
  5. I have to agree with Skyline Drifter regarding the fact that just because some MP's represent a constituency in a different part of the country does that mean they have no right in a say in what effects where I live? Using that logic I should be outraged that more MSP's from Glasgow get a vote in the Scottish parliament than MSP's from Stirling, Stirling is a smaller part of Scotland than Glasgow therefore it is entirely reasonable that it has less representation in parliament. The same is true of Scotland within the United Kingdom. I realize that there are many who would say Scotland is a country not a region therefore this argument does not stand up which is fair enough, however, to me Scotland is part of the UK therefore there is no problem with it having an appropriate number of representatives commensurate to its size within the UK parliament.
  6. With regard tactical voting as a Labour voter I would consider voting tory if I thought it would keep out the SNP, at present constitutional matters dominate proceedings and unless the issue of a second indyref is not a factor this will continue to be the case. I don't think this should necessarily be a reason to castigate those on the No side who choose to vote tactically, most supporters of independence will vote SNP / green regardless of their policies until independence is achieved, it is therefore perfectly reasonable for those on the other side to do the same. As for the influence of Scottish MP's at Westminster, 50+ SNP members could hold the balance of power if there was a near even number of Labour / tory MP's so it is conceivable that they could have a great deal of influence, I don't think this is what will happen as I think the torries will win easily but returning an SNP MP could still mean an influence over proceedings.
  7. " It's not because it's wee, it's because people vote tribally instead of for the best man/woman/policies. At least more so than in most places " Is this not what we see in Scotland now as well, those who support independence will either vote SNP or Green regardless of who is best for the job, those who oppose independence will vote for Tories / Labour / Libdems, likewise regardless of whether the Green / SNP candidate is better? I would never vote for the SNP regardless of policies or personalities based on my constitutional preferences, the same is true of those I know who vote SNP who won't vote for anyone else until independence is achieve. I'm not saying this is the wrong approach to take, just that it makes us closer to the electoral situation in NI than we might think.
  8. If indyref 2 had been held the day after brexit I would probably have voted yes I was so fed up at the result, as a poster above suggested though i now dont see how leaving the eu and uk at the same time will achieve anything nowso am bck to my soft no position. I may still vote yes in a future indyref and being part of the eu would be one reason for that, however I would need the Yes campaign to give a clear plan for currency and an indication as to what terms we would join the eu on.
  9. As a labour voter and a supporter of the union I don't see the problem with voting for labour first, then ranking other unionist afterwards in order to prevent independence supporting councillors from gaining seats. It is exactly the same as independence supporters voting for independence supporting parties first, SNP then Greens. One is no more reprehensible then the other. We are in a position now in Scotland where the independence issue over shadows all others, a bit like Northern Ireland I suppose.
  10. I made the point about standards a lot in the run up to the referendum. If we make something here that we want to export to the EU then it needs to meet the EU standards which, after Brexit, we will have no say in setting. All this "take back control" is nonsense.
  11. I dont hate the snp as such but I dont like the way all policy is used to further the aims of independence, i dont blame them for that as that is their ultimate policy goal, however I find it off putting. I also think they could be bolder in their program for government but do not want to put people off voting yes in a future referendum. I also dont like tconstantly blaming westminster for all our problems. They have certainly been highly competent in government though no denying that.
  12. I dont understand the statistical analysis but it seems to me that as many parts of Scotland have a very low ethnic minority population incidents of racism are likely to be lower. For example, my primary school was 100% white pupils, no opportunity for racist incidens there. I cant imagine many schools in England having that demographic therefore there is more chance of racism surely? I think it is also important to recognise potential anti English sentiment in Scotland (is this racism?) and also sectarianism which must be far more prevalent here than in England. To me we are not better than England, just have different problems.
  13. I filled it in but didn't submit it when i realized I had to give my contact details which would result in a load of pro independence material which i'm not interested in getting. I would imagine many of those who voted no would be in the same position. As for the results it will be interesting only for the views of no voters who may be open to change.
  14. There's a very good book called The Lowland Clearances which was interesting in considering the subject in parts of the country not usually associated with clearance. Care needs to be taken to differentiate between the events immediately after the '45 and the process of clearance to make way for different forms of land use which took place later. On the subject of Culloden there is an interesting book "Sweet William or the Butcher" which presents a very interesting assessment of events in light of contemporary values.
  15. " a Glaswegian Tory purely because they are the Unionist party, no matter the consequence for Scotland " This could easily be applied to a lot of SNP supporters who would vote for a party that supported independence regardless of other policies and the consequences until the objective of independence has been attained. Not criticising people for this, it is justifiable in both independence and union supporters, one of the major long term consequences of indyref1 was to put constitutional issues at the forefront of many peoples politics.
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