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  1. I don't blame you, he's looked good any time I've seen him.
  2. Building a strong squad by the looks of things, could be worth keeping an eye on for promotion.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if theres a few clubs interested in Forde if he's leaving Kilbirnie.
  4. I agree that Kello have to be favourites to get promotion now if they can handle the pressure in there last few games. Ardrossan have bottled it and think they could be looking for a new manager if they don't go up.
  5. Just guessing but maybe because there bottom of the league and have lost 12 of the 13 games played this season.
  6. Looks great. I'm surprised there arent more Friday night games by teams with artificial pitches and floodlights.
  7. It's not a glorified friendly, it's an Ardagh cup game that probably makes the home team a good amount of money from the several hundred fans who go to the game. I dont think there has been an over reaction, I was at the game with my kids and they both asked me if your allowed to do what Vernon done. Turner, wardrope, and any other part of the Meadow coaching staff didn't need proof or to ask Vernon his side of the story. Theyve been involved in football for a long time and know what happens when 2 players are going to challenge for a drop ball. They would have got loads of praise if they had done the right thing and condemned Vernon's actions straight away by telling there players to let Vics score from the kick off. If they werent able to work out what happened then there knowledge of football cant be very good.
  8. Daft tackle by Vics player for sending off, think ref got it right. Bad mistake by Meadow goalie for Vics 1st goal. Terrible defending at corner kicks by Vics for Meadow 1st 2 goals. Meadow player should be ashamed about 3rd goal and Meadow management should have told there players to let Vics score from the kick off. Meadow fans invaded pitch after there 3rd goal, and Vics fans invaded pitch after there 3rd goal. Vics captain was arguing with Meadow fans when ref suspended the game, not sure why. Plenty of incidents and I'm sure there were others I missed but both these teams will need to improve a lot or could find themselves in trouble once the league starts.
  9. Bit surprised by this appointment but don't know who else was in for the job. The Winton committee don't have a good track record of choosing the right manager in recent seasons and time will tell if they got this one right. Who are the top clubs he has lots of experience with, my knowledge is fairly limited but did he not resign from Arthurlie when they were fighting relegation and also do the same at Largs last year?
  10. Will be going to this game on Saturday, fancy Talbot to win by a couple of goals.
  11. I think the standard is poor this year. Irvine Vics and Girvan are way ahead of the rest but Vics were beat 7-1 and 5-0 in the 1st round of the major cups. Darvel are the only team that could maybe challenge but there lack of discipline in big games costs them to many points. Craigmark and Muirkirk have improved but are nowhere near challenging for promotion. Annbank and Kello are no better than last year and Whitletts,Lugar,Ardeer,Saltcoats and Dalry are all weaker than last year.
  12. Great highlights and Pollok looked impressive. Credit to the ref for playing a good advantage at the 3rd goal and for getting the decision right at the 4th.
  13. Your team is 1-0 up with 15 minutes left then your opponents get a man sent off and your team concedes 2 goals to lose 2-1 but you talk about the lack of class shown by the other team? As mentioned by others there was plenty of drama at this game but I didnt think their was much quality on show from either team. Think the overall standard in the adl this year isnt as good as recent years.
  14. Just 4 points separating the top 6 just now, looking like a very open league this year.
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