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  1. Roses are red Polos are mints Accies gave their money To a Nigerian Prince
  2. McKenna not in the Forest squad today. Maybe he’ll be available on loan.
  3. Four Scottish Cup wins in five years is an incredible achievement when you consider that we’ve only won one in the 34 years since.
  4. Please tell me the two Duncans are working at Fowler’s wedding tonight.
  5. I’m guessing Ash Taylor is first choice centre half now.
  6. I love that Fowler’s doing Movember five years after it was popular. I’m looking forward to see him do the Ice Bucket Challenge next season.
  7. An Irish left-winger who’s played a few games in MLS apparently.
  8. Did they request that McInnes wears a blue suit and a blue shirt as well?
  9. The guy climbing the ladder to get the ball off the hedge was brilliant.
  10. A bizarre statement for Houston to make, as “30 years ago” almost to the month, we needed an injury time winner from Richard Gough to scrape a 3-2 win against Cyprus.
  11. If Lewis’ injury is bad, we can still sign a keeper on an emergency loan. At least a lack of activity in January means there’s still money to cover that.
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