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  1. Are you thinking along the lines of staggered start times? Might struggle with support for that one I would guess, but can see how it would be beneficial for sharing services. How different is the set up from turning what you do now in to a live feed? For instance, would you have the capability to switch between cameras/show replays? Generally I think there is potential in Championship for streaming games but only really as a stop gap. Struggle to see a way of numbers being high enough for any clubs to sustain it as a model for an extended period. Then again, remember the whole SPL TV plan from years ago? Would be ideal for this!
  2. Probably comes down to cost and quality for me. I would happily renew my season ticket for next season tomorrow, but would realistically expect any streamed game to be included with that while we weren’t allowed to attend games. If there was no season ticket and streamed games were on a game by game basis, I can honestly say I can’t imagine paying £18 per game to watch online unfortunately. If it were say £5-10 per game then I probably would do that. I know there’s been plenty chat on the Coronavirus thread about streaming, and if this is what the near future looks like, it would be great to see the teams work with each other to offer some sort of ‘away season ticket’ (home club allows access code for x number of fans through visiting club kind of thing), could be money that goes in to a pot that is split amongst all teams? On the quality side, the stuff you already do makes me confident that this wouldn’t be so much of an issue for us but can imagine it will be at other clubs. But if streams were going down or constantly buffering etc, it would be a non-starter.
  3. I mean, you could put this to bed by showing the evidence that a Rejection or Abstention cannot be changed within the 28 days to an Acceptance of the proposal? Given that there are specifics to indicate that an Acceptance cannot be changed to a Rejection/Abstention, I would have thought that what you need would be right beside that one if it were the case?
  4. I suppose the argument I would put against taking placings from back at the halfway stage of the season is that, in theory, the more games played the more ‘accurate’ the standings ‘should’ be across the season - e.g. everyone bar Arbroath has played at least 75% of their games now so gives a fairer outlook of the season than at 50% of games. Not sure where you put a cut off in to be fair, but I guess the way I look at it is if this had happened with only 1 round of fixtures left, so basically 97% of the season completed, I would feel it would seem ridiculous to go back and base things on the halfway point?! Adding in average points to get everyone up to the same number of games would have to be done but I think that only swaps Arbroath and Dunfermline anyway?
  5. Worrying if that’s true as we are struggling outside the starting 11 at the moment, and even that’s tough just now when you look at the back line yesterday. Just feel there’s nothing really on the bench just now to try and change a game. Haven’t looked at every week but it feels like Grant has quite regularly not used all 3 changes in games and I think that’s telling. Thomson is probably about the only one who overs something a little different in that he is a target to hit up top but I still think we look more dangerous getting in behind other teams as opposed to playing off Thomson. Was good to see Adam Brown doing well yesterday, particularly in the second half. Thought he had it won for us when Fox pulled off a good save after he had already scored.
  6. Grant’s 4-3-3 seems a bit of a mess/unbalanced at the moment, the midfield seem to be completely overrun when we don’t have the ball, especially out wide, and results in the full backs being overloaded (definitely evident in the 1st half’s vs Ayr and Arbroath, who both exploited it especially in our RB area). It also comes across that he wants certain players involved, despite them not fitting in with that formation - Thomson pretty much played as a left winger in the 1st half on Saturday which was never going to work out. 2nd half looked more like 2 up top which suited Thomson a lot better. I would quite like to see Grant try 3 at the back, Graham and Deas with Taggs sweeping behind them, and then play a couple of wing backs (Dicko and Robbo) so that there is at least a bit of width being offered going forward. 3 centre half’s might allow the midfield to sit slightly higher (he has Flannigan playing so deep at the moment he might as well have him at CB!) and could see Flannigan and Hetherington there with someone like Cawley higher up in front of them (also, what’s the script with Trouten not being in the squad on Saturday? Did I miss something?). 2 up top for me, probably Thomson and O’Hara/Buchanan - big man to target with the other one getting in behind. Will put Saturday down as an off day for MacDonald, but he did have an absolute shocker, at fault for 3 of the goals. Regardless of how bad Alloa were, I thought Ayr were really impressive. Definitely the best football that’s been played against us this year. 6 or 7 wouldn’t have flattered them in that 1st half and as much as it was a slight positive that Alloa ‘won’ the 2nd half, was pretty obvious Ayr had stepped off the gas! Good travelling support as well and will be interesting to see who they get to replace McCall.
  7. F1 is a shout, bit of excitement to a pretty boring sport!
  8. Be good to do something different but obviously time is tight! Any horse races with 14 runners in it on Saturday? Randomise the draft order and use that to select a horse each? Or something to do with the football on Saturday? Maybe total number of goals across the 18 Saturday games? Minute of the 1st booking at Ibrox on Sunday as the tie breaker? Not sure if Fleaflicker let’s you dictate a draft order, but could let each person choose their draft spot? Winner 1st, followed by 2nd closest etc?
  9. In again mate, 4th Sept would be difficult for me drafting but good for 2nd or 3rd
  10. Just seen the message, team should be legal now
  11. Thought it was a really bright start to the season, some good football through the middle. Flannigan controlled the first half and Hetherington the second and Thistle never really created anything outside the 15-20 mins they dominated at the start of the second half - couple of Parry’s saves in that spell were crucial. Was impressed with O’Hara’s work rate but didn’t think Thomson offered much when he came on, couple of times he broke free if he had lifted his head there were options with him to pick out. Only disappointment was Thistle were gash and were there for the taking yesterday, especially when Hetherington was put through in the 2nd half.
  12. Is there a bar anywhere in the ground to get a pre-match beer?
  13. Can only imagine the ticket price for that dog?!
  14. Only moved to the area in the last couple years and it's the first year i've had a season ticket, so can't really comment on the historical side of things, but I did notice a few teams in League 1 included the Betfred Cup games in their season ticket - totally agree the ST is excellent value as it is and, if they added an extra £15-£20 to the price and included the Cup games, it wouldn't stop me buying it and I would see it as better value still! Plus they would make up the extra revenue from my trip (or two) to the pie stand!
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