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  1. Thought it was a really bright start to the season, some good football through the middle. Flannigan controlled the first half and Hetherington the second and Thistle never really created anything outside the 15-20 mins they dominated at the start of the second half - couple of Parry’s saves in that spell were crucial. Was impressed with O’Hara’s work rate but didn’t think Thomson offered much when he came on, couple of times he broke free if he had lifted his head there were options with him to pick out. Only disappointment was Thistle were gash and were there for the taking yesterday, especially when Hetherington was put through in the 2nd half.
  2. Is there a bar anywhere in the ground to get a pre-match beer?
  3. Can only imagine the ticket price for that dog?!
  4. Only moved to the area in the last couple years and it's the first year i've had a season ticket, so can't really comment on the historical side of things, but I did notice a few teams in League 1 included the Betfred Cup games in their season ticket - totally agree the ST is excellent value as it is and, if they added an extra £15-£20 to the price and included the Cup games, it wouldn't stop me buying it and I would see it as better value still! Plus they would make up the extra revenue from my trip (or two) to the pie stand!
  5. Have the prices for the cup matches been advertised yet?
  6. Sorry folks, hadn’t seen it had started! Anyone getting email notifications/know how to switch them on?!
  7. Was a bit wary of 14 teams initially, but actually really liked the fact it means you play everyone once - seems a good way to run things.....despite the levels of seethe regarding the playoff placings! Incidentally, I would probably back a move to change the 2nd tie-breaker to points for, even though this would have meant me missing out as well, just seems potentially a better way? Agree that TE scoring definitely seems over powered, haven’t missed kickers, and I hate playing with a DST anyway, purely down to the whole conceding points when they aren’t on the field scenario - but, you could always replace the second flex spot with a single individual D Lineman and have some sort of (low) scoring system around sacks and forced fumbles?! Might be amusing supporting some big fat Defensive Tackle as he chases down a QB! Something a bit different. Only other thing I can think of is maybe having the draft order randomised a week before the draft if it’s possible? Although I can’t remember if we did that anyway or if it was just before the draft?! You do a great job running them though, and I like the fact we can try some different things.
  8. Which totally makes sense as to how to end up with 7th above 6th. However, if you take each position individually e.g work out 1st then once that’s done then look at working out 2nd etc, when you get to 6th place you are left with a 4-way tie which I win on The 1st tie-breaker rule. If it’s 3 from each division then fair enough, but could only see Division Winners being ranked higher, as opposed to 2nd/3rd etc. Just seems daft that the 6 playoff spots are filled by teams ranked 1-5 & 7.
  9. Anything happening with this Stewbo or is 7th place getting in to the playoffs?
  10. Unless FF have changed in last couple of years (which don’t get me wrong they may have!): We start with a 5 way tie - Head to Head applies only when there is a sweep (literally only just realised this only comes up when you hover over it in Tiebreakers) and as no-one swept, it would jump to rule 3 (as its cross divisional which would negate rule 2 (?)) of PF - which Mo wins - so he should get 5th seed (he is ranked 5th but seeded 6th). We are then left with a 4 way tie for the 6th seed which is immediately settled by Rule 1 as I swept the other 3 teams H2H and as FF is ranking me 6th it appears to have indeed done this...and then seeded me 7th?! (I couldn’t find anywhere that says FF wouldn’t resort back to rule 1 (as it did in previous years) to process the next tiebreak, and I’m pretty sure it is the same as the NFL operates for wildcards. (Again, happy to be shown to be wrong on this as I know they change from time to time!!!) I can see an old reply from a Fleaflicker Admin covering a similar example to the above, but it’s from 4 seasons ago, hence why I can understand if they have changed in the time since, but their actual Rankings suggest it’s still the same!
  11. Hmm, going to have to put a stewards enquiry in to me missing the playoffs? FF’s own rules have me ranked 6th but is seeding me 7th?! I thought 1st tie-break for the league was head to head?
  12. Potential little mine field with this one. I appreciate the review period is 24 hours but know in other leagues trades get manually pushed through quicker - League of Shadows has them through really quickly for example (which I think is great). Since I've played fantasy through P&B I don't think I've seen a single trade vetoed in any of the leagues I play in (again, which is great) and I can't imagine anyone would have planned to veto this particular trade either. Are there grounds here for something to be changed? Again, I appreciate the official trade review period is 24 hours, but interested what other people think about it? Personally think it's a bit strange a team can benefit from starting a player they have agreed to trade away - in this instance, Bitonio having Cooper available last night. What would have happened if there was a season ending injury? Would we veto?! In this instance, I wouldn't have a problem with the trade being pushed through and an adjustment made concerning Cooper being put into Jimmy GC's lineup, but I'm sure there will be differing views on this!!!
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