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  1. Far from vintage, but in the hat for the fourth round and, ultimately, that’s what matters tonight. Made things difficult for ourselves in the second half being far too passive when we could have went on to have a comfortable evening, but to be honest, outside the goal and a half chance just after, Broomhill created nothing and never looked like threatening. The heads gone from their bench at the ref coming off was pleasing viewing though.
  2. If you can bare to relive it, this week's episode of the podcast is up, looking back on the Edinburgh game. To cheer everyone up we also look ahead to tomorrow night's Scottish Cup game with Open Goal Broomhill, with Mozza joining us to help preview the action. https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  3. A few technical issues last week meant the podcast never went up - I've stuck the episode up now in case anyone wants to pretend that Saturday didn't happen and just enjoy pumping QoS instead. We will be back later this week, with a special guest to help us preview the Open Goal Broomhill game. https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  4. Airdrie 2-0 Kelty Clyde 0-1 Falkirk Edinburgh 2-3 Alloa Peterhead 0-3 Dunfermline QoS 1-1 Montrose
  5. Never seen that coming, especially with how the opening 20 or so minutes went. QoS looked really lively up top and looked like Reilly and Paton were going to run us ragged all day. Really good opening goal - I was looking over for an offside flag as I couldn’t believe how much space Reilly was in and he took it well. As dangerous as QoS looked I’m struggling to think of anything Muir actually had to do (bar a good save with his feet before the opener) and we gradually started to get in to the game when we started getting Scougall and Donnelly on the ball. Equaliser on half time was an absolute game changer and we certainly stepped up after the break. 2nd half performance was exceptional with some really good finishing as well. That 5 minute spell will be hard to top all season. All the subs made an impact on the game and there’s real competition for places all over the pitch. Stefan Scougall was on a different level to everyone else today, a brilliant performance.
  6. There's a preview of this week's game in this week's episode of the podcast - big thanks to @19QOS19 for joining us again to help look ahead to the game. https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  7. That's this week's episode of the podcast up, with a look back on last weekend's draw and @19QOS19 joining us again to help preview the Queen of the South game. https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  8. Airdrie 2-0 Peterhead Alloa 1-1 QoS Dunfermline 2-1 Clyde Falkirk 1-1 Edinburgh Kelty 1-0 Montrose
  9. Agree with others, fair result and a brilliant ground - raised terracing makes such a difference and handy that there’s areas to shelter if it hammers down! Definitely looked like Muir should have dealt with the effort that led to the goal better, either holding it or putting it over, but other than a bit of a dodgy punch out in the first half he did well with a couple of good saves before the goal. Any idea what was going on with the penalty shout? Looked to have been given then changed his mind?
  10. Clyde 2-2 Airdrie Edinburgh 0-0 QoS Falkirk 2-2 Dunfermline Kelty 1-2 Alloa Montrose 2-0 Peterhead
  11. Match preview in this weeks episode of the podcast if anyone wants a listen. Was too busy at work this week to organise getting a guest from Kelty on to help preview, but will make sure we do for the next one! https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  12. That's this weeks episode up - beating Clyde, last minute winners and a look ahead to Kelty Hearts https://waspsnest.buzzsprout.com
  13. Maybe a little, and tbh it’s a bit par for the course each week at this level, but it was a particularly poor one today. And I say that with us getting almost every decision from him today! There were at least a couple of hand balls that should have went against us, didn’t really see much in the challenge on Hogarth for the disallowed goal and didn’t think the second yellow was really merited (can’t think of the Clyde player having many previous fouls to look at it as an accumulation). Probably a little harsh with my words and highlights tonight might give me a different perspective, but would have hated to have been on the other side of a lot of the decisions today.
  14. Was surprised at this as well, unfortunately McLaren had a pretty poor half and it wasn’t a surprise to see Howie replace him at halftime. Was a little surprised that the substitution also came with a change of shape though. I suppose one way to look at it is if you are going to introduce some of the youth you are likely to do it in this sort of game? Been saying on the podcast last couple of weeks that I want to see Howie starting - can completely understand easing him back in over last 4 or 5 games but got to say he is looking very fit already - evidenced again today when he chased back at full pace and produced a cracking sliding challenge.
  15. Almost an horrific couple of points dropped but nice to steal it at the end and quietly up to 4th. Not a good performance at all and resulted to pumping long balls that were bread and butter for Grant and MacLean. LD looked pretty unplayable in that 1st half but fell out of it in the 2nd but great to see him pop up there at the end. We are definitely missing Scougall in that midfield though. For Clyde, Roberts took his goal really well and seemed to give them a bit of presence up top. Thought there was at least some fight about them but there’s a real absence of any quality in that side. Some pretty stupid bits of Ill discipline as well and thought Peter Grant was a little fortunate to only get a yellow in the opening minutes. On the referee, first time this season where we got pretty much every decision - can understand the Clyde supports’ frustrations with him because his performance was utterly appalling today.
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