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  1. Where you hear that from? You've had it in for Holt since he came back because he got a Killie tattoo on his leg,, has Holt put that team out last few weeks? And then Francis at right back and co-manager on, running about like headless chicken last 10 mins? Love to know your contacts seen as your in " The Know"
  2. Don't know how to link video, but El Diablo, Cyprus my fave so far, and Elena very pleasing on the eye [emoji7]
  3. They are hilarious, on crossbar challenge!!![emoji849] maybe if "Cracks" took a yellow card for team in cup final rather than letting the ICT boy run past him,, no wonder our defensive is shit if he organising it
  4. Amazing! , the managers are learning! Know wonder we are where we are! Lots of managers have took part time teams out this league at a canter with less budget than us, so how long we let them learn, as we stuck down here?
  5. My kids call him the weekend, or that what I hear anyway lol , but was surprised how many off his songs I knew, wasn't worst half time I seen tbh!
  6. Just finished watching, Its A Sin, Cant say much without spoilers, but wow Brilliant tv
  7. But but he's a Killie tattoo on his leg, from the '97 cup, seems to me some people will dislike him alone for that!
  8. I always thought Tommy Wright wouldn't touch us, but he can't seem to get a job the now,, and money we paying for 2 managers and now a DOF,! Could maybe have tempted him,,, but with our board we go with people with Falkirk connections to please the crossbar challenge crew!
  9. Is this real or am are I getting wooshed here! Ben williamson been pish tonight and now talking about a striker from Bo'ness, ffs how far we fell
  10. All over twitter that Eddie Howe, favourite for next manager off Celtic, , did he not fail miserably when he left comfort of Bournemouth to go to Burnley and got sacked after a year?
  11. Can Des Lynam sing? my wild choice for Grandfather, not a clue who that is tbh
  12. But if you listen to Joel he said last week dont take height into it, with costumes, I thought Sausage was Stacey Solomon ( loved a savaloy etc) till I heard that and the 2 pints and bag off crisps clue, unless something changes drastically on this weeks show, Romesh Ranganathan is blob, I think to much on this programme lol
  13. Tbh I don't think they will, as its pre recorded and not a live event, people get a tip off and they lose a fortune, or suspend betting on someone etc
  14. Surley must be trolling now,,, Clyde hadnt trained for 2 weeks because off covid, and wasn't a canter as score suggested, And as been mentioned elsewhere Alloa and Arbroath are getting weekly tests, that why they allowed to play on, if they get positive tests they will need to field a team, they will need to forfeit games 3- 0 like St Mirren and Kilmarnock if they can't Some off responses in here are shocking btw! Like old firm fans entitlement
  15. Off topic slightly, but I always thought Linlithgow Rose, were the rosey posey, in junior football? Presenter mentioned about it about 5 times times tonight, mentioning Bonnyrigg
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