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  1. Awful programme, only highlight is Maya Jama, but Craig not slagging off the big team in FK4 so not got a clue what to say,, other 3 on view from terrace so much better than him, should have Joel there lol
  2. Just seen Sheerin interview from today, seems to know what he on about, like him so far from what I've heard,,,, Ps Bookmark this when Cove beat us opening game and I'm a slavering mess
  3. Yeah, and I might be talking shite here,,, but have Fifa not brought new rule out that the arms of the strip can't match the opponents, why Scotland had to wear pink strip last time we played at Wembley, nonsense rule
  4. That been confirmed anywhere, just thought it was a rumour
  5. Pre season starting tomorrow,, Sheerin got a number 2 yet?or does he just have Corzo? When he's not selling season tickets at club shop of course, Sheerin on hiding to nothing here, and people used to wonder why other managers were not scrambling for our managers job,
  6. Should probably be PTGYN thread, but why aren't France wearing their usual white shorts and Germany their black, Hate this all one colour strip nonsense I know France are wearing red socks still doesn't look right
  7. I'm hoping Mcbookie open a book on Lewis first question, surely "Not the result we were looking for last season, but I thought we were good at this,,,," Got to be odds on fav
  8. I was always too young or brave enough to enjoy that delight!
  9. Spend many a "play piece" money on these 2, gone but certainty not forgotten
  10. Bernadette is better looking than Penny in big bang theory
  11. Is this not normal when picking partner up? Gives chance to check phone etc, at least you never had to drop friends off also which was never arranged, and silent treatment, win win here mate [emoji106]
  12. Dunno why I'm quoted in this, im a chef, I know all about working weekends, obvs not as a important job as yours,, I was replying to l the BPM post
  13. Can't mention who he supports, I had Lewis(off FTV) on that COYB page pull me up for that, [emoji849][emoji849]
  14. What your views on fans who don't work Monday to Friday?, so buying a season ticket not feasible, but pay at gate, if off work or go to midweek games, put holidays in for big games etc, we just casual fans aswell ?
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