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  1. This usually happens on American TV shows etc but married couple lives in what appears to be a mansion, but when they have an argument, one of them have to sleep on a couch, surely there is a spare bedroom in these massive homes,
  2. Im sure its already been mentioned on here cant find where, but started watching How to get away with Murder, Its been on my list for ages but finally got round to start it a couple weeks ago and nearly at end of season 2 already. It's brilliant and it seems like every episode ends on a twist where you just need to put the next episode on.
  3. Between Two Ferns Struggling for something to watch last night, so put this on. What a load of rubbish, for a comedy, I think I raised a smile twice. Seemed more like a film where Zach Galifianakis could show off he knows "famous people" 3/10 and that's being generous
  4. Yeah that was what I thinking off, I can mind Gough catching the ball for some strange reason against someone
  5. McCoist breaking his leg rings a bell now you mention it, did he not score on his comeback v Hibs in the cup final at Parkhead because Hampden was getting renovated.
  6. Did we not play Portugal, early 90's , I was only a kid then but something is making me mind Gough getting sent off and them skudding us 5-0 or something like that.
  7. I think Argentina will win it, as mentioned the European teams aren't in great form Plus Messi will have won the big one after years off being hounded for his performances with the national team. Plus be funny to read the Ronaldo fan boys have a meltdown on twitter that Messi has eclipsed him. That's my hope anyway,
  8. In a similar vein, Tesco Redding moving everything about, my usual 20 min dash round to get everything took nearly an hour trying to find stuff.
  9. Never had the sour apple but can mind limeade being a favourite from the chippy. Always thought Garvies made it though
  10. A supermarket im never usually in but got a bag off these a couple weeks ago, their like crack, im addicted to them now.
  11. Can get them on Ebay or the official Tayto website, 6 bars for a £5
  12. The worst that can happen is not having a bottle of this in the fridge.
  13. Either and I'm Happy, but I'm positive they have tweeked the recipe of the Sausage and tomato crisps, used to be better, but still a solid choice.
  14. I kinda get this, I like taking a bite of chocolate then some crisps. Tayto do a cheese and onion chocolate bar that I really need to try.
  15. Sins of our Mother. As usual crazy Americans and religion are the main focus. Feel sorry for the eldest son Colby all the way through then you Google him after it [emoji15]
  16. Not seen these in years, a firm favourite as a kid
  17. Lucky you, Coffee is the best revel, wish they sold bags of just the coffee ones.
  18. Wispa Gold Obviously from the cupboard though and not rock hard from a fridge.
  19. Don't think anyone is celebrating, just pleased that we put in a decent performance after 3/4 years of shocking and diabolical performances against any half decent team we have faced. Ofcourse being a Falkirk fan you'd know about that.
  20. I actually had to rewind to make sure I heard her right. Seriously deranged woman and she's not the only one, most they were chatting to were "excitied" it's a bloody funeral.
  21. I might be making this up but I'm sure even if she was already dead, or dies today, something tells me that they won't announce it till 8am the next morning on BBC, as I said that could be a lot or rubbish but I'm sure I read thats the protocol somewhere once.
  22. I dont like Real Madrid either, but as been mentioned Spanish fans don't do away games, and in what way is Celtic Park "iconic" to a Real fan from Madrid that they just have to visit ?
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