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  1. Record saying we’re after Lewis Smith from Hamilton. Any good?
  2. Buzzing we gave Rudden a three year deal. Going to really enjoy watching him give the ball away everytime the ball comes near him over the next few years.
  3. Appointing a manager who’s banned from the dugout for 46% of our remaining games might just be peak Dundee. Complete lose lose situation because even if the unlikely happens and he keeps us up, we’ll end up giving him a long term deal.
  4. Just read McGhee has still to serve a 6 game ban. 100% chance it’s McGhee then.
  5. Can’t see Ross wanting the job even if he’s offered it. We’re an absolute graveyard for managers. Who was our last manager that got poached by a bigger/better team? Must’ve been Jim Duffy 25 years ago.
  6. He’s got to go. Cummings playing right midfield? McMullan subbed after 30 mins? Punting aimless long balls up to lone striker Griffiths; all 5 foot 4 of him. Embarrassing stuff. Guaranteed we go down if McPake stays. Guaranteed he doesn’t get sacked for weeks yet.
  7. Apparently the Murray story in the record is a load of shite and he’s not signing for us.
  8. That's because you've only recently decided to switch your 'team' from Airdrie to Dundee Utd
  9. Cannae believe you're away on holiday but still found time to be posting nonsense on the Dundee pages. The family doing your nut in pal?
  10. Poisoned chalice that job anyway, he'll be sacked in a few months unless they are in the top 2
  11. Why? Harkins was ineffective the whole game, apart from one cross from a free kick that hit the top of the bar. His penalty was a disgrace, even if the keeper dives to a corner his trailing leg will always stop a weak penalty rolled down the middle. If you're going to go down the middle get it half way up the net at least. Said it last week, this 4-2-2-2 doesn't work. At times we are keeping the ball for fun, but we end up having to go back to McPake/Konrad more often than not because we have no outlets out wide. When the full backs do push on, we end up with huge gaps down the flanks. I could see the point in trying to accommodate two strikers, if we had two good strikers but we don't. Our strength is clearly in midfield, so let's pack it out. It would give us some extra options instead of playing through the middle all the time. I think it would benefit McGinn also if he had a midfielder to overlap. Partick looked very good up until the scored, and then didn't really offer much for the rest of the half and then offered nothing at all the whole of the second half. After the Partick fans bigging up their midfield after the Ross County game I was fearful we might get the run around with this 4222 formation but, the first 10 mins aside, they didn't cause us any problems. Cracking strike for the goal mind you.
  12. You've completely contradicted your own argument there. Given the angle the ball is coming from, and where the ball hits the net, it's nowhere near the corner of the goal when it crosses the line. As I said before, great strike from Slater but for Letheren to watch the ball whizz past his face without even attempting a save is poor goalkeeping IMO.
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