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  1. Well said Simon If (and that's a big if) we go up, the current squad should be given their chance
  2. 1) "I", not "A"; "flown", not "flowing"; "her", not "here" 2) The Union flag is also flown 3) What a pointless post
  3. Our two would probably have been OK, but we didn't want to take any chances. Just by chance, when we phoned the emergency number, the vet was in the surgery preparing to go out to a horse. Given the weight of our two (33 & 34 kg), she calculated that anything over 130 g might be problematic. In addition, dark chocolate is worse for them than milk chocolate, so it made the decision easy. We were down at the surgery 2 minutes later. They were none the worse for the experience, but it must have been no more than 20 miutes between eating the stuff and getting the jags.
  4. no probs - I thought that Yahoo had been rejected before, but you have to try. I'm still hoping that the (UK based) weekly Jewish Chronicle will report the sad news.
  5. Totally agree with the above. We took the £300 hit when we needed an emergency call-out (on a Sunday, of course) when they ate around 300g of dark chocolate between them, and we didn't know how much each of them had had. Vet injected them both to be sure, and they had eaten about half each. As Pete says, insurance is for things that cost thousands. Here's a pic of them both in happier times
  6. Clutching at straws here but will @Miguel Sanchez accept Yahoo UK news as a qualifying obit for Israel S Dresner? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/rabbi-israel-dresner-wayne-civil-235818562.html
  7. Aye, it was a bold step, playing twin American actresses as our strikers. It's not surprising we failed to get into the original Premier League
  8. Yeah. There's no way I'm giving up my afternoon to watch something like that when I can read @Glen Sannox & @strichener expert views instead. Who won by the way?
  9. You just know that it will be The Rainjurs, don't you... Big Poppa Pump = Scott Steiner
  10. Agreed. We were outplayed last time at Starks. Only time so far this season. Yesterday, we were beaten by a fluke goal from a poor side, but didn't really look like equalising after going behind. Easily our worst performance of the year. However, we can't expect to go the whole season without a blip like that. I'm still hopeful we can get something from Kirkcaldy.
  11. Perhaps he's decided not to travel abroad until Covid is over. Mrs Gilp is adamant she won't fly anywhere until it's 'safer' However, for properly batshit mental Britnat paranoia, I think this is hard to beat. I assume that the petitioners aren't aware that 'Passport' is a French word? ot
  12. To be even more pedantic, she was driving a Moke, rather than a standard Mini.
  13. Yeah, we do the same. Here's January's effort
  14. You'll be able to provide details of any specific snp members investigated under yewtree then? Oddly I can't remember any. However, this royalist tory ex-wrestler has a bit of a reputation...
  15. Would agree. I considered picking her but further research seemed to confirm that her fame is due to her illness.
  16. I was listenig on the radio & their view appeared to be that the Killie boy made it easy for the ref by going in from behind. Professional way to do it would have been a tug at the shirt & make the officials decide if a goalscoring chance had been denied...
  17. I loved the way you said that with a straight face. Kudos.
  18. Yeah, it might well have been the consensus on the forum, but most non-rainjurs fans have met enough moronic supporters who define themselves by the club they support to realise that even if it was faked, it was a pretty accurate representation of the views held by some (c.f. @spongeheid15) Personally, I think it was real. If that was acted, the stage lost a great talent.
  19. You specifically claimed that the Saltcoats Loyal quotes were scripted and suggested that their massive flags and rainjurs tops had been bought for the purposes of the film. You then suggested that the BBC were using photoshopped pictures to illustrate news reports At least be consistent in your trolling.
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