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  1. Are you an only child, Oaksoft? That would explain a lot. Both myself & Mrs Gilp will share our inheritances with our siblings - just like millions before us
  2. No-one appears to have picked up on Laura's definition of "a generation" David Cameron had an effective majority of 15 at the general election in May 2015. I would say that 15 is a pretty decent majority. According to Kuenssberg, therefore, a political generation is 4 years and 7 months. I assume she'll be calling for Indyref2 any day now...
  3. 1) I was making an (admittedly poor) visual joke about his childhood deafness being related to inserting plasticine cartoon dogs into his ear 2) Glue ear is normally a childhood affliction 3) The article said he suffered from deafness. Note the use of the past tense 4) I'm hardly likely to post anything supportive of Malky's trolling Malky obviously doesn't do humour. Just like an automated algorithm. Hmm...
  4. Hey, he may be on to something here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson "As a child, Johnson was quiet and studious, although he suffered from deafness, resulting in several operations to insert grommets into his ears"
  5. How strange, Malky appears to be replying to posts from last August. Must have been too busy peddling his shite & half-truths to get round to it before now.
  6. I feel left out. Only Malky has red-dotted me tonight. Malky's talking shite again!
  7. Malky says that the 2014 indyref cost £10.5m. The electorate at the time was 4,283,392 That works out at under £2.50 per voter. Interesting to see the price that Malky places on democracy - £2.50 would buy him 5 Marlboro and a match. Malky's talking shite again!
  8. https://www.ipsos.com/sites/default/files/ct/news/documents/2019-11/ipsos-mori-scotland-election-2019-pm-tables.pdf Latest IPSO/MORI poll I can find gives the following weighted figures (excluding refused/don't know/would not vote) Party/Yes/No Con 3/199 Lab 46/81 LD 10/68 SNP 333/22 Brex 3/5 Green 6/9 Other 1/4 TOTAL 402/388 This suggests that there are more "unionist" party supporters that would vote "Yes" than "Indy" party supporters that would vote "No" However, it proves the point I've been making all along. Voting for a party doesn't correlate with voting in the way that that party would like you to vote in Indyref 2 Malky's talking shite again!
  9. 1) I 've already shown that a majority of Scottish voters voted for independence supporting parties in 2015 2) As usual, you are discounting labour & lib-dem "Yes" voters 3) A majority of Scots voted "yes " to independence in 2014. However, non-Scots voters were heavily against. I think the EU voters will support "Yes" next time though Malky's talking shite again!
  10. Malky gives us a quote "Securing home rule – SNP MPs will demand that the proposals of the Smith commission are delivered in full and as quickly as possible, but the manifesto also states that Smith did not go far enough to honour the promises made during the referendum. The SNP will seek a phased transition to full financial responsibility, and in the meantime devolution of powers over employment policy, welfare, business taxes, national insurance and equality policy." Don't let Malky fool you, folks. The quote above isn't from the SNP manifesto. It's someone's interpretation of it. Here's an actual quote from the manifesto "DELIVERING HOME RULE FOR SCOTLAND The SNP believes that decisions about Scotland’s future – about our economy and society – are best taken by the people of Scotland: the more powers we have in Scotland the more we can achieve for the people who live here. That is why we campaigned for a Scottish Parliament and voted for the Scotland Act 1998. It is why we supported the limited extension of devolution in the Scotland Act 2012, and called for a far more substantial package of powers at that point. The same principle underpins our continued support for independence and was at the heart of our campaign for a Yes vote in September 2014." Malky's talking shite again!
  11. You've forgotten that other parties support independence, you moron. SNP vote in 2015 = 1,454,436 (49.97%) Scottish Green vote in 2015 = 39,205 (1.35%) Total = 1,493,641 (51.32%) Total Vote = 2,910,465 (100.00%) Obviously, this majority for independence does not include Labour & LibDems (and the handful of tories) that will vote Yes in indyref 2.
  12. Malky doesn't believe in facts. He believes that a vote for a unionist party in a Westminster or Holyrood election is equal to a vote against independence, even thogh polling shows that around 50% of Labour voters would vote "Yes" in Indyref 2. He's delusional.
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