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  1. White Rook & King vs. Black King should always end up as a White win if played properly. You need to keep the rook in the g column without putting the black king in check at any time & then manoeuvre the white king around it, always protecting the rook with the white king until the final move You can force mate as follows 1. g8=R Kh7 2. Rg5 Kh6 3. Kf5 Kh7 4. Rg6 Kh8 5. Kf6 Kh7 6. Kf7 Kh8 7. Rh6#
  2. I'm not aware that that party exists. Please tell me more.
  3. Fuxake man, stop being rational, truthful & sensible. This sort of thing has no place on Pie and Bovril.
  4. It's encouraging that you are beginning to accept that new political parties will emerge under independence, even though you may not agree with their views. Hopefully there's a lunatic "Rejoin the UK party" that you can vote for in the hope that thsy don't lose their deposit.
  5. "Most appropriate member-name" thread for this pish
  6. Have to disagree Jimi, George Martin and his Abbey Road Massive take the gold medal. George Martin's reaction to Let It Be's cover notes was that it should have read “Produced by George Martin, overproduced by Phil Spector.”
  7. Annoyingly, I dropped Spector from the first team to the bench, as Miguel can confirm. Shite!
  8. Can you give us a list of phrases that disappoint you, so we can use them more often? With regard to the use of the word "colony", here's a definition (my emphasis) Colonial Rule/Colonialism - The policy or practice of a wealthy or powerful nation's maintaining or extending its control over other countries, especially in establishing settlements or exploiting resources. Obviously, England cannot really be described as a wealthy or powerful nation any more, but the rest of the definition would apply. With regard to the pronounciation of "ch", I was watching the excellent stream from QoS TV, so I didn't hear Derek Ferguson's comment. However, I could find hundreds of other mispronounciations of the "ch" sound by the British Broadcasting Corporation, mainly relating to the word "Loch"
  9. The only possible positive if we lose the case is that it will confirm our colonial status. That might convince a few soft "No's" that we are currently in an undemocratic situation. If we win, it makes it harder for Westminster to oppose the democratic will of the Scottish electorate. I'm not currently convinced that it is the best option at this time, considering that a Holyrood election is imminent. It might have been better to have delayed for 6 months or so.
  10. Really? According to the Morton fan, it will only be the part-time clubs who are currently 9th & 10th in the Championship. It's the full-time clubs that have the best interests of Scottish football at heart.
  11. I don't plan on voting in Scotland after Independence. We will all have to shag grannies and without the £20m the Queen brings in, we will be living on f*cking £10 giros. I'm moving to Wales to avoid the immigrants.
  12. So, if I get you right, you are accusing the AFC board of short-term self-interest, without the slightest bit of evidence to support this view? That's a bit of a stretch, as the Lichties will survive, no matter whether they are a foot-of-the-table Championship side, or whether they are in L1 or L2. However, some full-time current Championship sides might not survive a relegation... It must be nice to know that the Morton chairman's view would always be in the interest of sporting integrity and would never depend on the club's current league position...
  13. Call me naive, but I would prefer to think that both Alloa and ourselves would prefer to try to play ourselves out of trouble rather than rely on the season being called null and void. However, the argument you now appear to be advancing appears to be based upon current league position, rather than part-time status. That effectively negates your original point.
  14. In my defence,I was looking at a UK example. I know you were, but it was a bit of an open goal I've said for years that I hope to vote for a party that isn't the SNP, because I hope that their main policy has been acheived. At the moment, I would probably vote Green after Indy, but if a genuine left-of-centre party arose from the ashes of Scoiiish Labour, I would at least listen to their arguments.
  15. Why would the two well-run and solvent part-time teams be any more likely to vote to stop playing than the full time teams that appear to run at a loss?
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