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  1. Aye, Ditto in Argyll & Bute. Every single leaflet features Alan Reid crowing about his crowning achievement (the 5p per litre fuel subsidy for the islands) That dates from 2012.
  2. Please explain how he might qualify to represent Scotland in an international sporting competition. Is it because he's married to the daughter of the family who own Jura? I'm sure that Joe Baker's family would be interested in the definition you appear to be using.
  3. Cameron is Scottish? I believe that his mother's father's mother's father's father was from Fife. Wow! I'll bet he wears a glengarry to work.
  4. I'm not suggesting devo max. I'm proposing a run-off between full integration into a unitary UK state or an independent Scotland. Ler's all go to Wembley & Twickers to support the GB teams (says absoutely no-one) That would not be my choice!
  5. Personally, I would be delighted if we had an "abolish devolution" referendum. If the Yoons win, Holyrood is abolished & we go back to Westminster ruling the whole UK. If we win, Scotland becomes an independent nation. If the Yoons had the balls to go for this, there would only be one winner. Unfortunately, as they know what the result would be, this option will never be offered...
  6. I'll look forward to clearing the customs posts when I go down the A814 scenic route to Helensburgh. I wonder how often that border would be closed?
  7. As Mr Portillo's solicitor, I have advised him that he has no grounds for action.
  8. We were talking about voters, not candidates. Do keep up.
  9. Thought you didn't believe in polls? The usual figure for Labour is around 30% indy, whilst the SNP are usually around 92% indy. I'm not aware of any reliable figures for the greens
  10. At this exact moment, Indy supporting parties have 66 MSP's. That's a majority which will only increase as the evening wears on.
  11. The "Yes popular vote" wasn't up for election. There's no way you can assume that every SNP/Green voter would vote Yes & that every Con/Lab/Libdem voter would vote No. The new parliament has a mandate for a referendum. That's one way to measure the "Yes popular vote", but I'll bet that you are against holding one. How democratic!
  12. Izn:t stormzi fuNNy. You do know that I voted Green on the list, you absolute walloper?
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