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  1. So, we're back to inaccurate drunken abuse. Accordingly, it looks like our historical discussion of James VI's "prime favourite" and "gentleman of the bedchamber" is finished for the night. Interesting people, the British aristocracy.
  2. Like typing "II" instead of "I" Now, how about providing some detail about "Proud Scot" Lord Hay of Sawley (Lancashire), 1st Earl of Carlisle?
  3. I think you mean regnal number. Back on topic, perhaps you can tell us about "Proud Scot" James Hay's aristocratic titles
  4. Would that be the same Charles II that was born in St James's Palace, London, England in 1630?
  5. I note that the Express states "NICOLA STURGEON is facing a new crisis after a campaign was launched for a vote of no confidence to be called in Scotland's First Minister and her SNP Government.", but doesn't tell us when the petition was actually launched George Galloway - Alliance4Unity started this petition 2 months ago A "New Crisis"? A petition that has attracted just over 300 signatures per day accross the whole UK? Some serious barrel-scraping going on here!
  6. Unfortunately, I suspect that the t-shirt is referring to each member of the trump dynasty winning 2 elections 4 years apart. God help us.
  7. 1) GB didn't exist as a country in Roman times. Neither did Italy 2) Whilst Bonnie Prince Charlie was born in Rome, Italy didn't exist at that time. Anyway, he was backed by the French. 3) We can say that Mussolini declared war on the UK, not GB. Zero out of three so far. Do you want to try again?
  8. The Risorgimento wasn't completed until 1861, by which time, "Great Britain" had become the "United Kingdom" Yes, I am a pedant.
  9. Whilst this whole post is a lot of crap, I'm intrigued by one assertion... When did Italy try to invade GB?
  10. Any serious player knows that the orange set is best to collect. Statistically, it is landed on more frequently (and is therefore more profitable) than all the other sets. Accordingly, Arbroath FC are Vine Street.
  11. Petty name-calling like "housejock" or"natzi" is infantile. Unionist (or nationalist) calls to expel people for their political views are a completely different matter. This doesn't get away from the fact that you completely misunderstood the post by "Rumpilstiltskin". Didn't you notice his lovely avatar?
  12. The first tweet you quote is from a unionist wanting "YES traitors" to be "expelled from Scotland", you drunken old sot.
  13. Obviously that's not an option for a company that wants to appear Scottish. You can't register a limited company in Scotland without providing a registered office address in Scotland
  14. 272 Bath Street is an accommodation address used by lots of "Scottish" companies. https://www.bluesquareoffices.com/blog/glasgow-registered-office-address-for-scottish-limited-companies/ "Blue Square Offices specialises in providing virtual office services which include business addresses, mail handling, and telephone answering services. We also provide excellent air conditioned serviced offices and meeting room facilities. If you would like to find out more about Blue Square Offices, please call 0141 353 930" It's been used in the past by traders wanting to hide their true addresses for various reasons. Last count I saw, there were over 4000 businesses listed as having their registered office in the postcode G2 4JR.
  15. Never let it be said that you didn't cover every remotely possible eventuality. What's your next amazing prediction? Celtic, Rangers or maybe Aberdeen to win the league?
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