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  1. Toby & Percy looking forward to a trip to Glasgow
  2. Would you compare the recent Glebe Park or Firhiill grass pitches with the Gayfield playing surface? If you had to watch Killie on the abominable surface at Links Park, you would want to go back to grass. Ask Lucas Birnstigl.
  3. 1) The headline in the first article says "Meet the pro-union activist who has worked for the Orange Order and denies Jews were murdered in gas chambers" 2) He's been quoted elsewhere as saying that the Trafalgar lies are intended to wind up indy supporters. 3) The 3 IGV cadidates mentioned in the linked article are Mankyjaiket & "two former Bnp activists" Do you have comprehension problems?
  4. Evidence please. Here's mine Holocost denial, expelled from UKIP, jacket from Trafalgar & born abroad https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16399120.meet-pro-union-activist-worked-orange-order-denies-jews-murdered-gas-chambers/ Links to Bnp (plus another mention of holocaust denial) https://www.thenational.scot/news/19290315.greens-say-confusion-fascist-front-may-cost-seats/ Your turn. EDIT: I forgot to link to his views on immigration https://www.aforceforgood.uk/single-post/2018/12/28/a-declaration-of-moral-principles-for-a-sustainable-immigration-programme Yep, Google seems to show that Mankyjaiket is a blood & soil nationalist.
  5. Do you support Mankyjaiket's views? In case you're not aware, he's a far right bigot, with links to the Bnp, who was thrown out of UKIP for Holocaust denial. He believes in "Britain for the British" (even though he was born abroad) and has been known to make the false claim that his manky jacket is made from a flag flown on HMS Victory at Trafalgar. Lovely chap.
  6. As I originally pointed out, Blair MacDougal was lying when he said it was an SNP march. That remains a fact. The marchers were addressed by .members of various political parties & organisations, including one SNP politician. I'm pretty sure that Mankyjaiket & his rent-a-mob will have addressed the crowd too. Their blood & soil British Nationalism is probably the closest equivalent to the arseholes in the Scottish Resistance. I've condemned both groups before, and am happy to do so again.
  7. What SNP march today? I believe AUOB held a march yesterday, but as we all know, AOUB are not the SNP.
  8. The Lee Garden Chinese takeaway in Lochgilphead still has Chicken Maryland as number 64 on the menu. I've never even considered purchasing it.
  9. A previous Tory Prime Minister of the UK stated that all that Scotland needed to do to acheive independence was elect a majority of Scottish MP's to Westminster. Why do Tories never quote her, but always focus on one remark by the snp leader in 2014?
  10. Appointing religious leaders to unelected government positions makes for excellent government. It's such a good idea that other bastions of democracy are queueing up to implement it. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/house-of-lords-spiritual-church-of-england-bishops-iran-guardian-council-401294g
  11. @Hedgecutter I'm going to be out on Saturday afternoon. Will the Hedge TV live coverage of Brechin vs Arbroath be available to watch starting 'On Demand' later in the evening?
  12. Are you calling the UK government liars? The current consultation on reintroducing our wonderful imperial measurements specifically states that "We also buy our beer and milk in pints" I don't believe you're a real Tory Brexiteer at all.
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