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  1. Well worth putting a bet on their cup upset predictions - all 3 came in netting me £69.90 for a £3.50 seven-way patent bet
  2. At least you have an excuse - one of the common symptoms of Covid is brain fog. Hope you're better by now.
  3. But some of the crown numbers are allocated to dUrTy fUrRinERs. How will we be able to tell which ones are PROPER BRITISH! We should all be tattooed with copies of our proud patriotic blue passports
  4. 20th november 2021. It's the only time we've ever won there. Previous encounters include our record away defeat (8-0)
  5. You c*nt. Falsely raising hopes that Janette Krankie was on the way out should be a crime.
  6. Al, Brian, Carl, Dennis & Mike?
  7. You are aware that there are other matters to consider in the current environment? Arbroath (and Queens) are in an odd situation. Neither of us normally have more than 4999 people in our stadia on a match day (that figure includes staff, police, players etc), so we do not need to have covid passport checks in place. However. both our stadia have capacities in excess of 5000. If more that 5000 people attend an outside event, Covid checks are still a legal requirement. AFC will have discussed this with Angus Council, and will have contingency plans in place if total attendance approaches 5000. I would not be surprised if Angus Council have insisted that all payments be made in advance, and will have asked AFC to discourage walk-up attendees. You state "If you are still selling online up to kick off then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to sell walk ups too." That's apart from the additional costs to the club in manning this ticket desk, of course. Your point about all-ticket games being a straw man is also a straw man. Arbroath can set their own conditions regarding purchasing tickets in advance. They publicised these conditions and if QotS did not publicise this decision to their fans, I would suggest that QotS are the guilty party. I fully intend to check the Killie website this week, and will comply with any (and all) restrictions on purchase of tickets for the away end. I would encourage all QotS fans to adopt the same approach in future.
  8. Yes, and if there is a sudden late surge in sales, and the segregation arrangements are already in place, then online sales will stop when the away capacity is reached. Have QotS never organised an all-ticket game?
  9. Obviously, I was taking the pish, but the current segregation arragements at Gayfield severely limit the number of away fans that can get in. There are very few away stand tickets available, and the current segregation arragements will only allow approx. 1600 away fans on the harbour end terracing. If you sell more tickets, you would be allocated half the sea side covered terrace as well. Decisions like this need to be made in advance, so I can see why AFC are insisting on online sales only.
  10. Personally, I think that it is a disgrace that the turnstiles at Gayfield don't take credit cards or contactless payment. I also think that there should be a 'barter' turnstile, where you can get into the ground by paying in smoked fish, jam-jars or empty lemonade bottles. Perhaps AFC should also look into accepting payment in foreign currencies - I still have a whole lot of Bulgarian lev that I didn't use because of covid. I am extremely important, and AFC should not be able to dictate payment methods to me.
  11. "The club's crest is also of interest. It focuses on a portcullis which is symbolic of Arbroath Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 1178 while in 1320 it was the venue for the signing of the 'Declaration of Arbroath' (which resulted in Scottish independence from England). The crest's red / maroon background represents the sandstone from which the Abbey and and many other buildings in the town were built. This sandstone was taken from the cliffs which are a recognisable feature of the coastline of the town and the county of Angus." https://www.footballcrests.com/clubs/arbroath-fc
  12. IMO, the coldest league ground was Berwick. When the wind blows down the pitch from the North end of the ground, there's no shelter at all and it's absolutely miserable. At least you can always find some shelter from the Gayfield wind machine.
  13. I'm not understanding the relevance of your reference?
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