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  1. This but I’d swap McCowan and Millers position. IMO McCowan links better with Smith.
  2. Didn’t have his best game, the luck was more in reference to the entire night, decision s, lucky bounces etc. But hurling abuse at your own is uncalled for.
  3. The mentality of some people in the main stand is shocking, guys giving their al for the team up against players 6 inches plus talker not able to win some headers, Sone of the shouts directed towards McDaid disgusting, didn’t get any luck last night but the players have given so much.
  4. Maybe it’s just against Ayr they adopt that style of play because of physical dominance. I recognise the fact both are good footballers and have seen them in a few live games.
  5. There is no doubt it’s effective but imo talented ball players like Dorans and Walsh miss out as they are constantly trying to feed off second balls from knockdowns from White.
  6. Ayr up against it at set plays, Inverness land of the giants feeding off second balls of White.
  7. Queens rumoured to be going part time so a few of their players will move on.
  8. Ayr vs Alloa

    No idea how we will line up for this one, with injuries and the manager saying he’ll rest players it’s difficult to predict the team.
  9. Who’d you rest ? Full backs have played every game in that busy period but not sure there is anyone to replace Harvie other than Smith and Geggs struggles with 90 with his calf issues.
  10. Playoff place confirmed, now push hard to get the advantage of finishing 3rd.
  11. I have no reason to doubt that Smith will give his all and the manager will trust him to do so but I’m not buying that any conversation had taken place over penalties !!
  12. Ayr v Queens

    Horrible nervous second half, no one putting a foot on the ball. A win and I think that’s the playoff secured
  13. Ayr v Queens

    Should be 4 up, missed chances again!! At least we got the goal from the penalty, kick on second half and hopefully put the game to bed early. Although knowing Ayr I’ll be chewing my nails with 10 to go.
  14. Suppose it depends what’s on offer for him, Utd probably have better budget than most bottom six spl clubs, he’s still young and learning and had plenty time on his hands to improve and if his aspiration is to go down south then he can do it in a couple of years.
  15. Both players have offers but neither have signed pre contracts yet.