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  1. Ayr v Queens

    Wouldn’t have thought so, rumours circulating that queens may go part time regardless of how the season goes as finances not there to continue full time.
  2. Bit of a minter to accuse people of short memories whilst forgetting your player signed a PCA less than two months ago tbf. Very sharp from someone who should be posting in league 1 banter, did you forget you didn’t get promoted.
  3. Forgot about the Coventry move but regardless if they had all signed I don’t think for one minute they have downed tools and as for the poster suggesting to drop Rose, Smith and Murdoch, short memories and fickle !
  4. I get the Shankland love but he’s been off since returning from injury! The chances he’s had recently that he’s missed are ones he’d have put away early season. Rose has been a bit off form but to question their effort is a bit out of otter. I would suggest that Smith probably covers more ground that most players week to week. Murdoch works hard and gets moved about the park and never gives up. None of these players have signed contracts with anyone yet.
  5. Disagree, Muirhead caused his own issues allowing the ball to bounce to often instead of dealing with it early. The change of shape midway through the half meant the full backs were more exposed as the wingers were in a narrow diamond. The midfield gave the ball away so many times when the full backs were going forward and Falkirk were quick to break. .
  6. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Another performance where like last week failing to score when on top. Don’t know what’s happened with Rose and Harvie but both have looked like different pldyers recently. Should have gone for a right winger rather than two left wingers in January. Bell struggled in midfield and Crawford not the same player when played wide. Playoffs has always been a realistic aim but staying tight with county would keep it exciting. Big game Tuesday.
  7. Morton v Ayr

    Enough good opportunities to win the game, to win the league you need to pick up 3 points at places like Morton. Defensively Ayr were fairly solid although I do agree that Harvie wasn’t at his best. Midfield was a bit open when Docherty went off. McDaid was wasteful in the final third. I like the look of Cadden and Miller and maybe we should start them v Dunfermline.
  8. Morton v Ayr

    With County playing East Fife on 15/2, it gives Ayr an opportunity to go top of the league should they win at Morton. Would be great to put the pressure on RC before going to Dingwall on 26/2
  9. He’s not the player he once was and appears a bit injury prone, he’s not shy if he’s still looking for that kind of cash, can’t see many clubs ready to splash out that.
  10. He has a company called Consillium Sports and is Liam Smiths agent amongst others John Soutar, Calum McGregor
  11. Can’t get excited about Scougall, he’s barely kicked a ball in weeks and will take time if fit to get up to full speed. If it’s Scott Wright then he’s ready to go straight in and provide competition.
  12. Ayr united v ICT (take 2)

    Decent post apart from the second goal caame from a slip from Bell who’s attempted crossfield pass was intercepted by Austin .
  13. Definitely. Bell and Rose have been excellent in most games but both made glaring errors that lead to goals being gifted to ICT.
  14. Can’t legislate for three horrible mistakes.
  15. Ayr united v ICT (take 2)

    Would start the sans 11 as Friday and give Shanks another 30 minutes second half. Hopefully another good performance and a 2-0 victory.