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  1. Only thing I can advise is no matter what pup you get, take it puppy socialising classes. Did that with our doodle when he was a pup and never looked back. Basic training and getting used to other dogs is really important. Our next door neighbours didn't socialise their labrador pup and they rarely take it out walking because it wants to go fighting with every dog it meets. Shame because it's a beautiful dog.
  2. This question might go either way but I'll ask anyway, does anyone measure the drams they pour themselves. My job involves a lot of driving so I count units of alcohol to keep myself right for my work. Hearts official moaner said I'd poured a big dram, in truth it was a 50ml measure. It might sound weird that I do it but sometimes house measures can seriously put you well over the driving limit without you realising. Just asking ??
  3. Ok ,its a fail on the presentation but the content is really really nice. Had the Dalmore port wood finish recently but this is way better.
  4. Been looking for the article I read this morning that, purely coincidentally,said it was Dominic's mums birthday in early April which of course would not really be the reason for the drive north to Durham. Unfortunately I cant find it. Anybody else see it ??
  5. I love my Mrs, surprised me today with this wee beauty.
  6. Had Alfie at the vet last week, vet thought he'd broken a bone in his tail, it's like a whip and she thought he'd banged it against something hard, Metacalm was prescribed with the words if you need more just ring up and we'll dispense some more. Wife today rang up and asked for another bottle, 100ml, of the same. £82:00 for 100ml of Metacalm so as a nosey / inquisitive bugger I googled how much it really costs. You could have blown me over with the smallest of farts when I saw it was averaging £15:00 from 4 on line vet supply companies. RIP off barstewards. Even paying the RIP off merchants for an extortionate prescription I'd still be nearly £50 better off. I would move mountains if my dog needed anything for his health but why do vets so blatantly rip you off like that. Utter scum.
  7. Very relaxing it was too, dont think I could legally drive for another 3 or 4 hours,Glenfiddich IPA bottles must be getting smaller
  8. Our Alfies overdue a trip to the groomers by about 3 weeks, Mrs Hihat is trying to keep the number of matts in his coat but it's a struggle. VID-20200425-WA0000.mp4
  9. Two of these lovely lagers and Glenfiddich IPA malt to follow
  10. Trying something different tonight, an Italian lager that's not Perroni. Soft but tasty
  11. Finishing off the bottle of Dalmore port wood finish ,should be about 6 drams in it. Being chased with a couple of bottles of William's bros Caesar Augustus. A pleasant evening.
  12. Woke up this morning to find that nearly half my bottle of Dalmore port wood finish had disappeared, think the Lagavulin will be opened tonight just to contrast the sherry and the pear flavours.
  13. Cant wait to see the headlines in the press tomorrow morning. As for Sarah Smith ,she's going to explode with rage, superb news.
  14. No, this is McEwans brewed. Damn nice too
  15. Good lady wife came back from the shops with a couple of these, faint hint of whisky but very nice indeedwhisky
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