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  1. I'll have the points but genuinely it's points I'd rather not have. MND is an absolute b*st*Rd. Thanks for the rugby memories. RIP Doddie.
  2. Went to Tesco and got a litre of OVD for £23:00. That'll do me till Santa comes.
  3. Just looked at Amazon's black Friday deals. Fancied a Dalmore ,bloody hell, not half jacked their prices up, what you used to pay for a 15yo they want for a 12yo. Going to look on the SMWS site for something a bit different.
  4. Not going to challenge the dedicated dead poolers but Leslie Phillips gives me 4 hits this year. Another year of mid table mediocrity. Still a month and a half to go though.
  5. Orval, a lovely wee Belgian number coming in with a 6.2% .
  6. If your looking for a well bred pup try the guide dog people, not all their pups are deemed suitable so they might be able to help. Or the dogs trust might be able to help.
  7. Given this by my laddie, reserve judgement on whether he hates me or not. Port cask, sherry cask and an orange wine cask all at46.6%. See how they go.
  8. 3 in a week, holy fek, on a roll now. Everybody must have her on their list though. Points please Miguel
  9. Gorbachev 2 days ago for the 1st points of the season now 3 days later Turnbull keels over, if the rest of the team shows the same willingness to participate, at this rate the Bishop might be getting a serious challenge. Oh and commiserations etc etc etc.
  10. Points please for Gorbachev.First of the team to show this year , hopefully encourage the rest of them to do the decent thing and try a bit harder for what’s left of the season.
  11. Yup and sitting in an incredibly comfy chair.
  12. Really nice drop but can't drink too much of it.
  13. Picked up the A'Bunadh on Prime as well . Not much else jumped out at me though.
  14. Thanks Preedzy, this one is a nice we 48%, bit more body to it. Nice to tipple away at.
  15. A wee retirement present from workmates, proof that even though it's an NAS whisky, nothing bad comes out of Aberlour. Really enjoying it.
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