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  1. Two Belgian beauties weighing in at 10.5%ABV each.
  2. Kenny MacAskill selected to fight the East Lothian seat, theres been a huge number of new build housing at the west end of the county and a Tory local councillor was elected in one of these wards. Going to be interesting as the labour mp was just voting fodder for labour. Kenny MacAskill should stir up a lot of votes for the SNP so hopefully gets the seat back after George Kerevan lost it last time round, here's hoping.
  3. Glenlivet Nadurra peated version on Amazon for £39.99. Arriving on Sunday. [emoji106][emoji106]
  4. Rotten news , hope hope have some great times in the weeks you've got left. Sad times.
  5. Got a smart meter when I was with Scottish gas, moved to EDF and it stopped being smart. Once EDF hear I've had one fitted by Scottish gas they say that they wont fit another one so am assuming they're getting some kind of subsidy from the government. It's a minor pain when the request for readings comes in cos mrs Hi Hat keeps storing crap in the meter cupboard.
  6. Well that’s made me look forward to it arriving on Monday even more,cheers for that
  7. Just ordered a Kilchoman Machair bay. Anybody any thoughts on this whisky ??
  8. Dalmore 12 is my go to dram, lovely and reasonable about the £40 mark. Getting a bit older and found my tastes moving from big peaty numbers ,Lagavulin used to be my number one, to the more sherried whiskies. Still wouldn't say no to a Lagavulin, ever.
  9. My brother's just back from Belgium, the 6 beer is 7.5% . The 8 bottle is a 9.2% and the 10 bottle is an arse kicking 11.3%. Just opened the 6 bottle and it's a very tasty refreshing beer. Only complaint is that he only brought me the 3 bottles.
  10. My laddie played for that Musselburgh 19s team, never yet got a reason as to why the McGlynns stopped it continuing. Strange place Musselburgh
  11. Was anybody tempted by the Amazon prime offers?? I got a Cragganmore 12 and the Dalmore 12. Was hoping that the Dalmore15 would be on offer but no such luck. Overall was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a stand out deal.
  12. Have been wanting to get into photography for a while but like most folk I'm totally bewildered as to what would be good to start off with. Have seen this bundle on the Costco web site and it looks decent, it's a Canon EOS 4000 DSLR body with an EF-S18-55MM lens, bag and a 16gb card. All in for £240. Should I go for it or do you think there's better out there for that kind of money. All advice gratefully taken on board.
  13. Cheers SP the ketchup bottle has been emptied on to him and has made a difference, car reeks something rotten though. Goes for his summer haircut next week, good job it didn't happen after his up coming baldie. Wife's still having a go at me for letting it happen. The Joy's of having a dug.
  14. Afternoon wander spoilt by our Alfie finding a pile of FOXSHITE.
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