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  1. Aye but most of the other big teams have generally always been successful and well supported. Man City were shit until they got money.
  2. f**k them. Fair play to anyone that has supported them through it all but most of them will just follow them because of the money and success and it fucks me off. Same when I see kids decked out in psg attire [emoji23]
  3. I honestly despise Man City. Well I don’t mind the club. However, you can tell that most of the fans were not interested in them before they had money
  4. I don’t mind a pitch invasion if celebrating winning something and as long as at your own ground. So like winning the league or getting promoted. Running on the pitch to celebrate avoiding relegation or getting to a play off final is tinpot as f**k. Also shouldn’t be allowed to pitch invade at a cup final However, anyone who runs onto the park to goad opposition players or fans needs shot.
  5. Aufc

    Ligue 1

    Aye I can’t believe the amounts being mentioned. Surely £300m signing on fee ain’t true (realise it’s spread over the contract term). Sounds like he is basically going to be running the club which sounds like a recipe for disaster
  6. Maybe I am wrong but I always thought that the whole point of taking a service into public arms was not to make a profit but rather to provide a better service. Also with the train service there would also be an element of being seen to be greener by getting people out their cars. However, it seems they are making an arse of everything
  7. I am sure a guy who has accumulated probably about £30m-40m will be regretting his choices since he now can’t take a job with the police with a starting salary of about £35k
  8. League won’t be easy but they should win it if they get the right manager in. Murray will see it as a good opportunity. Obviously there is a risk that it doesn’t work but suspect he would see it as a risk worth taking.
  9. Disagree. Dunfermline are the biggest team in the league next season and, if they get a competent manager, should win the league. Suspect he would see that as a good chance
  10. It won’t be Petrie. Ian Murray on the other hand…. [emoji51]
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/may/19/more-than-42m-uk-adults-will-be-overweight-by-2040?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other The numbers in this are staggering. Something needs to be done asap
  12. Ive been told that Murray will be away. Didn’t get told the team
  13. Or maybe the chance to play in a higher league [emoji23]
  14. The best way to make a season ticket best value for money is getting the right team on the park. The other stuff is just gimmicky stuff that doesn’t matter to a lot of season ticket holders (obviously will to some people).
  15. Best player in the league and best player on the park on the day. Ironic then that he essentially cost us the game with losing the ball in the middle of the park and the fouling Murray. Don’t think it was a dive. Wasn’t a penalty but he was blocked. Can’t really remember him Calling for yellow cards. He does get fouled a lot.
  16. The crowd chat is boring now. Who cares who brought how many. You guys won. Enjoy it.
  17. Not at all. People are saying that there is a lack of evidence to the persons claims whilst also calling into question the character of someone who is a known drug dealer, wife beater and homophobe. It’s not really overly outrageous to be horrified initially when it came out but then question the lack of evidence/police intervention further down the lines, especially when the brother of the initial victim makes an additional claim.
  18. Yes we have idiots that follow us but I just can’t believe that they were so openly racially abused that no one called it out. Granted I may be placing too much faith in people
  19. Hard to tell to be honest as don’t watch much of that. He is a cracking player so worth a shot. As long as he doesn’t go to fucking falkirk
  20. I heard forest green for easton which would be a very decent move for him
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