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  1. He is not going to go down to a top 7-8 team as he is not at that level. So lets say he goes to Aston Villa or Southampton. He has swapped trophies and competing in the biggest club football tournament for mid table obscurity and getting humped off the likes of Man City whilst winning f**k all. McGinn moved down when he was a lot younger and moved from Hibs. It is hard to argue that a move from Celtic to these clubs is a step up. I understand the likes of Rodgers leaving for Leicester as it was a good chance for him to do well there and get a move back to one of the better clubs but i dont think Mcgregor would have gone there and then got a move to the likes of Man Utd etc. Maybe if McGregor had moved when he was younger but i dont think he will look back on his career with any regrets. Would moving to the likes of Aston Villa seen him do much more career wise? I don't think so.
  2. Also he is playing champions league most seasons and winning trophies. Not the be all and end all to go down and swap it for mid table battles
  3. We were saying the exact same thing about right back about 2-3 years ago. Hopefully turns out the same
  4. I genuinely porteous gets a bad reputation because he is a bit of a bam. I think he could become a class player (this was even before last night). I think the best thing for him would be to move away from Scotland where he can properly develop away from the hassle
  5. Thw fact the Ukrainians rested their whole team against Armenia is surely a sign they want to win this game and win the group
  6. I was reading that potentially next on the hit list is the high income charge which you suffer on child benefit payment once you get over £50k and also losing your personal allowance once you start to earn over 100k.
  7. I was pretty frustrated with Steve Clarke starting dykes instead of adams. Why change a winning team (Paterson aside). It meant Scotland went long which plays into Ireland’s hands. However, there is just something about this team at the moment where you are always confident of them finding a way to get a result. I don’t think Ireland were particularly good albeit they had a couple of a good chance. It was quite enjoyable to watch to be honest. Scotland going four at the back makes us a bit more open defensively but also a lot more exciting to watch. Onto Tuesday
  8. The irony of people moaning about them using their privilege whilst queuing to see the queen
  9. Except for the last two years, companies have been able to take advantage of a super investment allowance of 130% which allows them to claim capital allowances of 130% of any qualifying purchase which was designed specifically to offset and prepare companies for the tax increase. Additionally, furlough allowed a lot of these companies to survive but also report huge profits whilst handing out large dividends. However, it is the individual taxpayers who need to pay this back and now the companies are being handed a tax break. I’m sure this has already has been pointed out but the tax rate going to 25% would have made very little difference to companies investment decision. The only thing it would have impacted would be them bringing forward purchases forward to take advantage of the super allowance as above. After this period, companies would still invest because, if they don’t, they fall behind. Every company needs to invest and a tax increase wouldn’t make much of a difference. Ironically, the more they invest, the more capital allowances they can claim which reduces their tax payable. They should have increased the tax rate by a certain percentage but also increased the AIA to something like £1.25m (current value is £1m). I would suggest the only thing that might hold back investment decisions would be interest rate increases which is another joke. All this will do is push people further into poverty and hand the banks bigger profits (and bonuses which now look like they are not being restricted)
  10. In the cities, most of the companies won’t be based in the UK so doubt they will be paying much UK tax. Additionally, the bosses of these companies don’t need any additional cash. Any additional cash they are given is not being spent on day to day stuff. It will be used to invest in assets and increase their wealth even further. So the UK economy doesn’t really look benefit and the poorer people will end up worse off as houses get bought up the rich people with the extra cash. The main thrust should be towards making sure a lot of people don’t fall into severe poverty (probably already happened). The fact the top 5% account for such a large percentage of UK income is mad I can’t believe people think this is normal and acceptable
  11. We are just a small diddy team compared to you boys so surprised we even manage to make it. But, at least, we get there eh?
  12. We just can't bear to leave you guys
  13. Standard favourites are twirl and galaxy. However, I’ve started liking various milka flavours due to home bargains having a good selection.
  14. Have to admit it’s great having falkirk in the league. Not only do you bring a big crowd and give us cash, you also bend over and give us an easy three points. It’s a great relationship
  15. Fordyce has historically been one of our most consistent players. Wonder whether, now he has the added responsibility of AM, it’s affecting his game as he feels he needs to focus on everyone else’s game as well as his own.
  16. I don’t disagree with your thoughts. However, I just don’t see the point in making up banners when she has just croaked it. I’m very much against the royal family but just I don’t feel the need to revel in her death
  17. Whilst you are allowed to have anti monarchy views, why revel in the fact some old bird has died? If you don’t like them then just don’t bother saying anything. It’s the fact your fans feel the need to be seen to be edgy. The banner celebrating some guy who stalked her bedroom is just completely bizarre behaviour and anyone who contributed to that should have their hard drives checked
  18. Hopefully those figures are accurate as I’ve worked out when my contract expires next October thag it’s only an extra £100 a month for me. Bit of a relief
  19. You don’t need to preach to me about the royal family. However, I won’t deny that the Queen has been a pretty good servant all her life considering it’s not something she really wanted to do.
  20. I am not a fan of the royal family at all. However, I have wondered what Charles thought as he sat and watched his maw die and realised he was now king. Can imagine it’s a pretty big weight on your shoulders.
  21. Sadly probably true. I just dont think your first sentence is true. There are some people out there who are happy to rent (either through choice or requirement). As long as the landlord is charging a fair rent and is sorting out any issues ASAP (at their own cost) then its an agreement that can work. The issue with the initial windfall tax is that is can basically be avoided by investing in green tech. Which is something they need to do anyways. People will argue that it may mean they dont invest in green tech in the north sea, however, Norway implemented large additional taxes on all their oil fields and companies still invested. Very simply, these large profits are one off amounts and are being made by exploiting a lot of people so it is only fair that they should have to pay extra. I dont even think it will just be rural pubs that struggle. It is a chain of events as people are squeezed via their personal energy costs, interest rates and other inflationary costs. The likes of pubs etc will be one of the first to suffer
  22. Obviously this is terrible but it’s clearly not applicable to a lot of landlords
  23. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I agree with the rent freeze in the current climate.
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