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  1. Aye thats montrose got cochrane and mochrie on loan both of who are pretty highly rated.
  2. Bought my son the new Airdrie strip. What an absolutely belter it is. Its about 2 sizes too big for him (he is only 4) but will keep him going for a couple of years. Tempted to buy one for myself. Ive sent the photo of him in it to several people and everyone has commented on how smart the strip in.
  3. Aufc

    FM 2020

    Think i have got my best ever regen in my wolves save. He is incredible
  4. The thing is with st andrews and that area is that it is busy most of the year round. Obviously it is busier in the summer but it is one of these places which is never really “dead”
  5. The sprogs of the old fannies that have lived in these wee towns all their days wont be complaining when they sell the house after said old fannies have croaked it and the houses have increased ten fold.
  6. Wives, sisters etc are all the same down there. Thankfully i have moved up in the world
  7. Ive got an overnight at gleneagles in a couple of weeks with my mate and the wives. We were planning on being in the boozer for 12 for the football. Hoping perthshire gets put in a tier which allows this
  8. Yip. Been saying this for ages. A back three of gallagher, cooper and tiernay with mctominay in the middle of the park would work and probably give us a better balance in midfield.
  9. Ah sorry i missed that bit. Aye i feel your annoyance then. People at roundabouts in general annoy the f**k out of me. My wife included (although she is getting better after being told by me)
  10. Surely in that scenario it doesnt matter what lane you are in as they are all double lanes. Obviously if you are going from A to D then you need to be in the right lane but for going straight on in any direction you could be in either lane. The only issue that would ever arise if one of the lanes went to a single track road. Thats what really fucks with peoples headw
  11. I think scotland are strongest in centre midfield so f**k knows why we are even suggesting barry bannan. Id throw in billy gilmour before i even considered bannan
  12. Not sure on armstrong purely because he is more attacking than say ryan jack and i suspect clarke will want ti keep it tight. Gallagher has done himself no harm with his performances. Could be him or liam cooper
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