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  1. Fucking hell. You going to do this every time he starts a game? Its like mario balotelli all fucking over again
  2. Not picking on me at all. All part of a discussion. To be honest, i tend to agree with you. I was really just trying to say that the guy shouldnt have his life ruined. We have got into a society whereby if someone does something slightly wrong then there is a mob mentality whereby people wont rest until the individual has his life completely ruined. It is driven by social media.
  3. To be honest, i was just playing devil’s advocate. In isolation, it is technically not racist. The point was more about him being educated rather than having his life ruined. However, it seems like this was an option but he said no. So f**k him
  4. Obviously i didnt have sight over his other actions. I was really just looking at that one incident in isolation. He is clearly thick as shit though.
  5. To be honest, was the plane stunt racist? I don’t necessarily think so. Yes it is rather thick in the current climate and he has completely missed the whole point of the movement. If he had made a banner saying “f**k black lives” or something similar then yes it absolutely would be racist. I dont really think it should mean that the guy should lose his job and ruin his life. It seems his work have probably bowed to public pressure. They could have easily just offered to educate him and show him why his stunt was misguided
  6. Dont mean to come across as harsh but if you are not losing weight then you are eating too many calories.
  7. Aye. I went to uni and finished at 22. Went away and got pished for 6 months and came back and did something totally different. Although i have now merged both these paths together and its been pretty successful.
  8. Are you genuinely trying to that teachers are doing lots of work? You will then get 8 weeks of holidays in a few weeks so i dont really see how you can complain
  9. Sadly a lot of jobs requires a degree
  10. I sit somewhere in the middle. The furlough period has coincided with mostly tremendous weather so it would have felt like a extended holiday for most people. On the other side, it is a contractual obligation for holidays to be given. There has to be some leeway on both sides. People having three months off on decent pay and then coming back and looking to take further holidays need to have an understanding of the business needs.
  11. Ok so i dont think in the situation mentioned above it is unreasonable for the employer to tell you to use up some annual leave
  12. Depends how your employer has treated you during furlough. If they have been topping up your wages to 100% whilst essentially getting a three months “holiday” then i dont think it’s unreasonable for them to ask you to use up some annual leave
  13. Not sure if this has been answered but as long as you have been furloughed for a minimum of three weeks then you can be rotated on and off after this
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