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  1. Hopefully not. That level 3 is still fucking shite. If the numbers continue as they are for the next 6-8 weeks then there is no need to some areas to be thrown into something like the above
  2. I have abour £500 worth. The whole correction on Monday was a bit of an eye opener. I sat and made a spreadsheet of all my coins and did some calculations and worked out a selling price for each of them them that would see my sell 10% of my total coins but recoup between 20-35% of my purchase price. I would then try recoup more of my purchase price if it continues to increase. I could then try withdraw the cash or store it incase any further corrections happen.
  3. Not looking as smart now that the price dropped as low as £22. Back uo to £24 but a fair old correction it seems
  4. Yeah i think the posts above sum up my (and a lot of people) views. Although i actually made a pretty decent trade the other day. I bought 56 polkadot coins at £15. They got to £30 at the weekend so sold £800 worth which covered my initial investment. I then bought back some this morning at £26 as seems to be a correction on all the coins. Then also bought some vechain. I mainly use crypto.com. I need to set up a coinbase so i transfer my profits that i take off my crypto.com account and into my bank. I have just been reinvesting them
  5. The issue for me is if he is used as a replacement for mctominay (which i dont think be will be).
  6. As someone else has mentioned, all of this talk of longer restrictions etc just makes me want indy ref 2 to be even less of a consideration at the moment. Genuinely couldn’t care less about it at this present time and would rather focus on having these restrictions lifted as soon as possible.
  7. You were the one using teams position in a league to justify a call up
  8. I have started doing this via a friends account (he posted earlier in the thread). He put my onto it.
  9. On the furlough debate. I imagine if you didn’t have kids then it would be magnificent. I cant imagine the same joy with kids
  10. Yeah that is a fair point regarding his teams performance except for one small point. You are also touting ryan gauld for the squad and his team are *checks notes* bottom of the league
  11. Some of the shouts are horrific. As i mentioned elsewhere, the days where the likes of richard tait and craig sibbald are getting touted for a call up is the day we should pack it in. Also, someone touting caulkner. Presume you have been watching his games? I havent and i cant imagine anyone has. There will be very limited changes. Also shankland is better than Nisbet. Edited to add. I have just seen jason holt on the list. [emoji23][emoji23] brilliant
  12. There are various stages to this discussion He is not included in the squad- “HE SHOULD HAVE LEFT” He is on the bench and doesnt get on - “HE SHOULD HAVE LEFT” He plays and plays really well - “A LUV BILLY GILMOUR. GIT HIM IN THE SQUAD FOR THE EUROS” He plays and doesnt play well - “GILMOUR IS FUCKING PISH”
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