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  1. Montrose definitely won’t go down. Petrie is one of the best managers in the league and they have a few injuries to contend with. They started similar last year and look how it ended up. I can’t see them repeating that this year but they should avoid the relegation play offs. They are a great wee club
  2. Grahams skyr is better. Support local and all that
  3. Seems mad to me. There are two defined ‘sexes’ but then some people decide their gender falls out with these two. For the record,I have no real issue with people defining themselves as whatever. It is just a sign of the times. However, i don’t really understand it I feel for your friend that her mental health has suffered due to something that (to me) is very trivial
  4. What a pile of shite. If ye have a fud then you are female. If you have a cock then you are male.
  5. Does anyone else need to resist all temptation to drop kick their 3 year old at points
  6. Well we have drawn Elgin the next round so you can give me some stick should they dispose of us
  7. Didnt even realise it had changed! Edited to add. f**k knows where that picture came from. Sure i added that when i joined about 13 years ago.
  8. To be fair, dundee fans would have been the same had they beat Elgin. They were waiting until their game was finished. Just so happened that you lost
  9. Do you quality players though? On paper, your strikers are not bad but cant see that much quality in the rest of your team
  10. He is literally everything you want in a lone striker. Bullied the defenders, got his team up the pitch and scores most of his chances. We can only pray to ever have a striker like that
  11. That kazakh are fucking pish and the result was even worse than we thought
  12. Kazakh drew with cyprus which tells you everythint
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