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  1. Aye as much as like to slag Dundee, I actually don’t mind them so good luck going forward. Gave it a half decent effort
  2. Aye we play good attacking football. Hopefully now this court case is sorted and we don’t have a large pay out then we might be able to sign some players. I see we are down to ten men. Let’s get to pens!
  3. You can see from the subs that we don’t have great strength in depth. Will be surprised if we get the win. Still nice not to get completely pumped
  4. I have mentioned similar above but I disagree. If the SNP can convince a larger majority of people to vote yes then it makes their case stronger. At the moment, the polls are so tightly balanced that it’s harder for them to argue that a referendum is the desire of the Scottish people.
  5. Surely that would be the best way to get a larger majority to vote yes? By offering a convincing argument as to how they see everything working? They haven’t done this. I don’t believe the whole “too wee, too poor” rhetoric that gets spat out. Scotland is a well developed, educated and nutrient rich country. However, it is also an ageing population and it doesn’t have a lot of higher rate taxpayers to help pay for this and it seems like they will look to increase the taxes on them even further.
  6. Whilst i agree with this, surely its going to be the exact same or even worse with the break up of Scotland and england? Scotland will want to have their cake and eat whilst the rest of the UK will want to make it as hard as possible to discourage the likes of Wales from doing it. It is the exact same
  7. Correct. However, its hard to present that to a lot of people. At the end of the day, if Scotland becomes independent then the SNP are going to be the ones leading us through the initial stages (how long that period is i am not sure) which will be the hardest. I agree with this. However, because the SNP have not presented an alternative financial model then its the only thing people have. Im not saying any financial report is going to be 100% accurate but they need to, at least, present something.
  8. I think the issue is that the "better together" campaign just need to refer to the GERS which mentions Scotland get more spending that they put in. This is a report prepared by Scottish government officials. So its easy for them to say "Scotland cant afford to be independent".
  9. Like the Brexit campaign did . . . Well Brexit has surely shown the harm that separating from a union can do? I am genuinely undecided on the whole thing. On one side, the tories are a disgrace but should surely get voted out in the next election. The yes side havent made a proper financial case. The SNP have done a lot of good but they have also made a total arse of some of the stuff and some of the stuff that Nicola Sturgeon has done makes me question what she would be like if she had complete control over everything.
  10. Hopefully this will give the SNP to actually sit down and work out a proper financial plan for how an independent Scotland would look.
  11. I tend to agree with the above. There are so many people who refuse to take responsibility for their unhealthy lifestyle and expect the NHS to consistently treat them for their self made ailments. Of course the NHS will do that but this is having a detrimental effect on the whole NHS and is resulting in the care for people with ailments not due to their own fault not getting the care they need. Everyone seems scared to properly address stuff like obesity for fear of hurting peoples feelings
  12. Iran are 20th in the world apparently. The world rankings are a shambles. The next world cup will be filled with even more guff as well as the numbers are increasing but only 2 extra from Europe.
  13. It annoys me more than it should that shite like Iran and Australia always qualify for the world cup simply due to their geographical location.
  14. Yeah i found this interesting earlier. I would think a lot of "rich" folk have private health care anyways so it might not much of a difference. However, people then complain that this creates a two tier system, which it does because if im paying for my treatment then i dont expect to have to wait for a prolonged period of time should i need treatment. I find it strange we give our prescriptions free. The cost per individual item is not a lot but it must cost a lot of money over the whole of the country. We should really focus on getting the majority of our people to be healthier. Obesity costs the NHS a fortune.
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