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  1. Try to be nice and get hit with this insolence
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57144922 Bump. Doesnt make for good reading
  3. I did this a few months back. The wage difference was pretty ridiculous. I got offered it but enjoy my current work and have a superb work life balance. I went to my current employer and mentioned it and they gave me a fairly decent pay rise. It is still less than the old job but will get a promotion in a few years to get similar to the other job. Work/life balance is most important thing IMO
  4. From a selfish point of view, if airdrie were to be promoted then it would be good to play dundee rather than killie as it’s closer to my current location and a better day out. However, it would be good to have the Dundee, edinburgh and old firm derbies all back in the top league. However, due to the potential for heads gone from gordon sawyers... mon the dundee.
  5. I dont really know if he is any good but makes a bit of a mockery of the situation. If Morton choose to go with one keeper for the season then that is their choice surely. Bit bizarre
  6. Aye do you have other keeps registered? surely you have a sub keeper? Airdrie have injuries. Shit happens. Would be strange if you manage to get an emergency loan in for that.
  7. Getting an environmental lecture off a billionaire is rather funny. These fannies have the biggest carbon footprints around. Sadly there are many nuggets who listen to shit like that
  8. So you are telling me that Airdrie finished second because other teams were shit? We got through against Cove because they were shit? I am not denying that there are better footballing teams in league 1. However, good football doesnt always win games, especially at this level. Murray has got Airdrie set up to be hard to beat and organised (Airdrie actually have some decent players in their squad but they are happy to get the ball forward quickly a lot of the time and play into the corners). I do agree he would be a total disaster at Falkirk. However, not because he is a shit manager as you are implying. He wouldnt be a success at Falkirk because some Falkirk fans expect their team to play free flowing football whilst winning most games. Even when you were winning and top of the league, a lot of your fans moaned because the football was poor. Murray is doing what he thinks is right to get Airdrie out of league 1. It seems to be working albeit we have a couple of tough games against a full time side to come so no guarantee that it will be seen as an ultimate success. Every fan wants their team to win games whilst playing "good" football. I am more of a realist and happy to get some relative success by playing to our strengths. Something which Murray has clearly done and recent Falkirk managers have failed to do.
  9. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Fucking hell. This is like a mini version of the old firm. Thankfully we wont be in the same league next season either way so will be able to avoid this.
  11. yeah part of the reason i decided to cancel my trip. Will also be full of absolute tools
  12. For me, apart from the sound synch issue, he's the worst part of it. Partisan in the extreme, cannot accept simple things like both teams taking yards at throw ins and is horrified when the opposition do it. Screaming for fouls when there are none, disputing every referee or assistant decision going against us. Needs muted. Yeah i can understand why people have this opinion but, to me, it makes it more genuine and authentic. Its a bit car crash but adds to the enjoyment. He was a bit more "partisan" last night probably due to the importance of the game but i have found he has been pretty fair over the last few games.
  13. Absolutely. A whole years worth of bile and violence to catch up on. KKK masks, union jacks and hopefully a few Morton fans battered.
  14. Cappielow on a Friday would have been fucking magic. There is nothing to say we can’t win. However, there is nothing to say we will win. As above, it depends on the injuries. We are fairly lucky that our bench was strong last night and Thomas Robert looked pretty good when he came on. Thomson also offers his pace which is great for when teams are tired as shown by the falkirk game and last night. Paton would be a big miss in the middle of the park as he makes us much more solid. Although not sure Morton’s midfield will have a midfielder as good as fyvie.
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