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  1. Good to see st johnstone continuing to be a complete diddy team by essentially making it a home tie for celtic.
  2. Ross campbell works at heriot watt uni so assume he watches all the games so essentially free scouting for montrose
  3. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] shame yer a w**k
  4. Mcburnie has always been a very good player. Scottish footie fans are just thick as mince
  5. Fair play for actually having the cheek to try and slate another team regarding their support considering a few weeks ago you let celtic basically take over your whole stadium for a few extra pennies.
  6. My contracted hours are 8.30-5. I generally come in about 7.45 and leave at 5.15. Helps me keep on top of shite. Plus i genuinely like work and the company I am with, i get paid very well and i will eventually become one of the wanks at the top. So doing an hour a day extra is no sweat.
  7. You can keep looking up the league at Dundee Utd and arbroath
  8. Look forward to you providing evidence of me celebrating united results
  9. Dundee fans celebrating arbroath beating dundee utd. A result which takes arbroath above them. Pretty tinpot
  10. I can’t see shankland going for £3m. More likely £1.5m with some potential add ons. Previous comments using the fact he has 3 in 3 games against premier league teams as a yardstick for him to be a success in that league which i dont really agree with. It is actually his wee touches and hold up play that mark him as a probable success in the premier league. Time will tell
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