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  1. Yip. We are lucky in that we can afford it. However, we have just added another price increase to our customers. I would imagine that the industry will begin to slow down as everything just becomes too expensive and the recession will hit. Which is what the Bank of England is aiming for
  2. Sorted out a new contract for my work. Last years bill was £18k and this year is going to be £62k. Madness
  3. Pretty shite slagging someone about their drug addiction
  4. Pretty sure it’s well advertised that he gets his cock out.
  5. Got my smart meter installation organised.
  6. It’s obviously a 2-3 year project to sort that shit out. Whether he, or anyone, gets that is another matter
  7. Eriksen died for a number of minutes a few years ago and I reckon he would still say signing for Man Utd Is the worst thing to happen to him in this time
  8. Got to be happy with a draw away from home against one of the favourites for the league
  9. Standard self preservation which is what holds Scottish football back
  10. Have Norway not subsidised their occupants bills due to the increase?
  11. It is only when you read what other countries are doing that you realise how incompetent the tories are. Absolute disgrace. I agree with thay cow truss that companies making profit should not be seen as a negative. However, when these huge companies are reporting huge profits at the detriment of so many people then it’s an issue. These profits are completely exceptional ie they won’t last forever so it’s only right they are taxed exceptionally. This has been years in the making. Norway did it right. Let the companies suffer the costs to explore for the oil/gas. Once they found it, the government took a share in the field and also levied an additional 50% tax on it. This allowed th to build up their wealth fund which I believe is about 1.3trillian USD. Had allowed them to cover 90% of any additional household energy costs. The UK really is a fucking toilet.
  12. I was more meaning because you seem to be in the huff with me [emoji23]
  13. Just mucked around with my usage based on the last year with these new rates. I am on a contract until october 23 so hoping its sorted before them. I currently pay £230 a month (upped it to £280 a month just this month). Based on this, my average monthly cost wold jump to £710 a month. Thats a bit worrying!
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