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  1. Oh give them independence why not. :-) I was interested in his assertions on the NHS and opinion that Scots are subsidised unfairly to the English. That old chestnut. Did you even listen to it?
  2. Oh Eddie Bone is very real and serious on his views which mirror that of many of his countrymen. He is the chairman for the campaign for an English parliament. Get it viral.
  3. EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS. Click on the sound bite. Share with everyone you know and with those undecided voters too. http://wingsoverscotland.com/its-englands-oil/
  4. http://www.irishexaminer.com/analysis/polls-apart-on-scottish-independence-284376.html The pro-independence campaign complains that poll samples usually of around 1,000 people are far too small. I dont dismiss opinion polls... but each opinion poll talks to 1,000 people, said Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland. "We are talking to hundreds of thousands of people. We keep those numbers secret... but we know that theres a higher percentage voting yes than any poll is showing.
  5. I'm talking shit of course. Despite the fact this article only surfaced this morning. So that makes a party of only 2 of us. You think?!
  6. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/31/scottish-independence-yes-vote-turnout-polls "The Scots may vote no to independence this time. But history shows these movements intensify until something gives." What this means is, even if the yes vote fails on 18 September, scoring somewhere in the mid 40s, the pattern of all future Scottish independence debates is set. Independence has become a narrative of the people against big government; about an energised Scottish street, bar and nightclub versus the sleazy elite of official politics. And in response, the left part of the pro-union camp has had to develop its own, "more radical than Darling" rationales. It's not something you hear from the Westminster parties, but via social media I have picked up a strong meme among Scottish trade union members that independence under the SNP is "not radical enough to bother". Once established, political psychologies like this do not go away. History shows they intensify until something gives, and at some point it is usually the borders of a nation state.
  7. What exactly is ridiculous and silly about history and politics. It's like I am predicting aliens will blow up the moon rather than the very common repeated events throughout past and modern times where a majority and within that a minority of those, you find certain dedicated groups pushing whatever it takes to ensure their will. The no's would need a victory in the high 60s and 70s for people to shrug and make this whole movement disappear. You are seriously diluting yourselves if you don't think there could be different directions employed by certain elements and that would not be an uncommon occurrence in these events. People do not change. These things do not change. Or do you live in a different world with different political history than I.
  8. Take 7 million disenfranchised Scots that have left Scotland and bettered their position in other lands. Stop worrying about Islam and start considering the amalgamation of angry homeland scots with their slightly more sophisticated departed brethren.
  9. No its already past the patience point. The government has seriously misjudged the determination now. The public is at above 60 percent. They are covering this. Additionally they are propagandizing a victory. I warn you to be careful on where you position yourself after 18 th september. It's incredible for me to see the lackadaisical humour of the NO scots and their lack of vision for the coming hardships for them in that event. I envisage an influx of energy into seriously awful consequences. Look to our neighbors in Ireland.
  10. Scotland gets independence starting on the 18th September 2014 or they get it at a later date with absolute dire consequences. If you are not smart enough to see this then you deserve what is coming.
  11. You stilly people that think it's all going to go back in the box after morning of 19th of September? I hope you and your kids are going to feel smart and safe., because history on these events tells a whole different story.
  12. There are a few things our clever no voters have perhaps not considered. 1. The consequences of their victory 2. Their position with respect to the rest of Scotland after their "victory" 3. The next 40 years and Scotland becoming the next Ireland. I would advise all you smart no voters to read up on the modern history of Ireland and the point at which that country decided it had had enough. I want to see you clever No voters and your clever answers in about 15 or so years from now because I can tell you the ones that are determined are sitting opposite you.
  13. Kinda wandered off the thread topic a bit now. The thread is about bringing awareness of the UK governments desire to avoid a YES victory with any means possible. "At all costs" Let's start to consider the possibility that this may happen and not be entirely "Above board"
  14. But I'm paranoid. Nothing to do with information seeking or past history.... I'm simply paranoid for the sake of it. Makes me feel special.
  15. So even though the McCrone report is over 38 years old I bet you and you dog has never heard about it or what it's contents entail. That's 8 years since it's contents have become public but try a search of the BBC or any uk media outlet. But more importantly that this is the fact that your government is continuing the lies that they have documented themselves in there own commissioned report. There is no fool like a fool Scots fool!
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