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  1. The one where I couldn't be bothered looking for the right thread.
  2. Apologies if this isn't in the correct thread but the commentary...[emoji1787][emoji1787]
  3. Don't think so. Let's face it they ignored the rules to allow all the Eufa delegates in for the final. Didn't prevent Croatia and Czech Republic flying in and out for their games so doubt a bus ride from Middlesborough would be against the rules.
  4. They were based in England during the tournament so probably something to do with different protocols.
  5. Is it maybe so bad that they've destroyed the footage?
  6. Whereas Dallinson looked every bit the footballer and we know how that turned out. Give the guy a chance FFS.
  7. If there was a full height wall pitch side (at times we wish there had been) then yeah but there is nothing substantial to attach that kind of signage to.
  8. Which would maybe be true if I felt compelled to buy a season ticket and believed everything that the "Happy clappers" say but I'm not and I don't.
  9. These little snippets of info are the only reason I've not given up on this thread over the last few days. Disappointed it's not donkey related today though [emoji846]
  10. And if he gets it there will be loads on here complaining that we didn't get a guy they didn't want.
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