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  1. Wales have called up 27. I’d be surprised if we didn’t have similar numbers - perhaps one or two more if our numbers include Tierney/Patterson etc.
  2. It’s similar to the number of games played during a World Cup or European Championship tournament. Five games would take you through the group stage and be knocked out at the quarter final. For every EC and WC, 8 teams have to play games in roughly this period. Those sides also only have 23 players. I suspect we will have closer to 30, and we won’t be the only side doing so. It’s pretty tight between the League season ending, and the first match, but it’s all a result of a) COVID, and b) FIFA making a mockery of the entire World Cup I don’t imagine we’ll have too many call offs, but there will be rotation, and we’ll likely lose three or four by game 5. Winning the playoff is all that matters. After that, we must avoid relegation to Group C, but given the quality of ROI, Armenia, and the unknowable level of Ukraine, I should imagine that is fairly unlikely.
  3. If they continue with a back three, they could: a) both play, LCB and LWB b) drop either and use the other at LWB c) play Tierney LCB/LWB and Hickey RWB Personally, I’d prefer to see him at Milan playing CL football and competing for Championships. Like the recent Haaland transfer, it’s possible to ‘sell’ the vision of playing for big teams, with a view to the ‘dream’ transfer at 25 or so. The PL can wait.
  4. Absolutely. In a season such as this, there’s a clear winner and that’s fine. If one of the B-teams wins, with teams 2 and 3 being members but on equal points, there could be the following views: - B-Team argues it can go into play off -SPFL or Team 42 or HL team argues there is no LL Champion - Team 2 argues they are the Champion - Team 3, but who lost all four games against B teams, argues they are the Champion once games against non-members are disregarded I suspect this is a case of squaring a circle. Because the issue wasn’t conceived when the pyramid was setup, and we’ve had recent years of Champions not being recognised, and B-Teams are complicating matters (and the rules changed again to accommodate) the whole thing is becoming messy and subject to challenge (irrespective of the intention of the rules or the relative strength of any argument).
  5. Thanks. The final point looks like an after thought. A B-team winning the league would be messy. You can conceive of multiple views being taken…
  6. Quick question to anyone who knows. If a guest club wins, is the league standing with the guest club positions removed, or is it with all points won against those teams and their position removed? It could be conceivable that option a) results in one winner, whilst option b) results in another. The whole thing seems redundant
  7. It should hardly be surprising, but the vocal (somewhat moronic) minority, do seem to have it in for him. That’s despite his youth, connection to the club, relative inexperience, much lower wages, work ethic, and very clear and consistent dislike for the current Man Utd position. If you were a new manager coming in, why wouldn’t you want a Scott McTominay to be central to your planning? His salary will be low, there are no outrageous transfer fees to recoup, he completely buys into the Man Utd values, he’s as accomplished an athlete as they have at the club, and by all accounts he’s exactly what you want in the changing room. He also happens to be fast, strong, and young enough to develop and shape. There are any number of other players, perhaps more talented, who you’d absolutely want shot of. The most successful teams at Old Trafford over the years have had 3 or 4 players exactly like McTominay that do an honest game well. It’s not like Butt, Neville(s), Irwin, Fletcher, Silvestre, Park, Berg, Brown et al would have played at that level for anyone else, but they were an integral part of an exceptionally successful side. Part of the reason for their relative collapse has been the purchasing of problem players with egos too big for the club, or with a work ethic completely incompatible with a squad that is struggling. Football fans these days just want World XI players in every position, forgetting that it’s the quiet squad players who keep their clubs ticking. If any of the other big English clubs were in a similar position, you know fine that half their squads would be up for execution, including any number of very talented and, currently, integral players.
  8. I'm not sure taking issue with guest clubs being invited to the LL, whilst the drawbridge remains half up, is a particularly outrageous position to take. It seems that most of Scottish football (and most of this forum) has an issue with the way the LL is currently playing out, so it's not exactly a unique point of view. With Hearts adding in their application, it complicates matters further...
  9. For the first time in (at least my) living memory, we could make a first choice starting XI with goals scored in every position outside of the keeper. If Hickey can be the Scottish equivalent of Denmark’s Maehle, that would do just nicely (9 in 25 from full back for country; 10 in 210 senior club appearances).
  10. That is ultimately the point. Gilmour has been one of our best players in all 12 of his caps. Not only that, but he improves the players around him - McGregor for one, looks like a man released from chains when he has Gilmour alongside him.
  11. I can't believe I bothered with this nonsense, but I checked their stats. Both players made their Chelsea debut at 18. By the end of his third season, RLC had 21 games in the PL. Gilmour has 31, with the season incomplete. All senior appearances are 32 v 58 (including senior international caps, and again, season incomplete). Worth bearing in mind that Gilmour had a curtailed Covid season and a manager change that screwed up his first two seasons as well. RLC is six months older than Gilmour for the purposes of age comparison (January v June birthdays). Ages are aligned as the age they were on 01 August each season. All of this is of course academic nonsense, but if we're going to have these inane discussions, at least make them accurate.
  12. No amount of National training camps prepares you for competitive football. As a Ukrainian, I’d be concerned about competitive game time and match sharpness.
  13. At Gilmour’s age, Harry Kane was on loan at Norwich, and Leicester in the Championship. Gilmour is quite obviously capable of playing CL football every week. Plenty of world class players haven’t made it at Chelsea - Gallagher and Gilmour both might be better suited elsewhere.
  14. He’s only been capped once at u21, but given some mental team selections by the coaching team, I wouldn’t read anything into that. It’s not like Glenn Middleton is the future of anything. Has he had a glance at first team football yet? I’d love to see us steal Barnes (albeit he’s not a striker). There’s a few very good English players we could have, but persuasion could be a challenge. Making a World Cup could help that persuasion. It’s very different to be capped in qualifiers, and another having a realistic choice of making it to Finals.
  15. At this point, we probably need to grudgingly realise that McBurnie, despite scoring 2 goals in 54 games, remains on the cusp of a call up, by sheer virtue of continuing to exist. I wonder if Russell is next on the list, presumably with Watt, to pad out the June squad if/when needed? The options, also including Shankland, really are lacking in quality. Imagine where would be right now if we hadn’t persuaded Adams and Dykes to come over? With respect to ‘coming through’, is Lowry the only apparently talented player who has played a senior game? It seems like we don’t even have a Wighton equivalent…
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