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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    Is he required to sit in the stand for the next game?
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Just watched Sky News ask Gareth Bale where he’s going. He replied “Where’s Darvel and who is this Mick guy? My agent says it’s on though, so who knows? As long as the money is right, I’ll be there. But only for one season. I’ve heard about James Latta.”
  3. Summer transfer speculation 2019

    He left Queens Park for Dumbarton but was shown the door before he kicked a ball. Known as 666 which might give you a clue as to his reputation.
  4. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    Here was me thinking I’d missed something!
  5. Summer transfer speculation 2019

    Maybe why he went to Darvel. Although they also disgust a few folk, or is that only the Legend?
  6. Todays scores 27/4

    Hertha, just a wee minder...
  7. Todays scores 27/4

    I’ve changed it to read “any referee’s bias” to better reflect what I meant. You still haven’t addressed the spare ball incidents.
  8. Todays scores 27/4

    A misplaced choice of words.
  9. Todays scores 27/4

    Milliken wasn’t a barge in the back. Watch the video, he came together with the defender from the side and went down like an Extinction Revolutionary beside a dinosaur. As for Green, his kicks and trips prior to his first booking were all worthy of a prior card. As for the antics with the spare ball that you seem unwilling to address... I’m sure the excellent Beith committee are really proud of the antics of their fans and players. You embarrass them so much.
  10. Todays scores 27/4

    How can he enjoy a Saturday night? His team are finished. They’ll need a Slimming World class to get Sheridan fit again. Green and the Docherty’s are a gang and their number 3 Noble is a mouthpiece. Just like Mark.
  11. Todays scores 27/4

    You lot were like Talbot fans with your ludicrous shout for a penalty. Milliken was not due a penalty for that fall in the box. As for the goalie going looking for a ball, there was another ball on the park within seconds and there was a man looking for the ball already. Maybe Mr Green could have thrown on the ball your management gave him to throw on.
  12. Todays scores 27/4

    Can you Wonder at any referee’s bias when he has to put up with the behaviour of your players and club coaching staff? After losing Green, being sent off for two yellow cards (the first long overdue as he’d been kicking anything that moves from the first minute), the team’s time wasting antics were deplorable. Someone, looked like Green but I stand to be corrected if not, walked along the side of the pitch to retrieve a ball that had gone out for a throwin, stopping a player from going for it. The ref sent him back over the wall. If it was an official, it was a sending off and if it was Green, a second sending off. That same person somehow managed to obtain a ball from the dugout which he twice threw onto the pitch whilst Medda were on the attack in an attempt to have the move stopped. He also tried to keep the ball away from Jared Willet on the away side terracing after Jared had gone to retrieve it. Additionally, Grindlay took a walk to the car park in a time wasting effort looking for a ball that had gone over the back of the terracing, despite the fact that a spare ball had been kicked onto the pitch. He got a warning, but was due a yellow card. Grindlay took so much time to take his goal kicks that it was brilliant to see a stunning equaliser come in the time added on for your team’s deliberate time wasting.
  13. Junior Cup Final

    Forthbank Stadium and Falkirk’s ground would be central to both teams.
  14. Beith v Cumnock

    Ross Wilson is at Beith now, isn’t he?
  15. Match Officials

    As with most careers, they start with poor wages but most want to find themselves refereeing the World Cup Final. That is a career. If they don’t make the grade they disappear from view. But to say that they don’t have the ambition at the start to make a career of it isn’t credible.