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  1. I (a Medda fan) was the guy who got the door shut. Glens Committee weren’t terribly effective. They seem feart of their fans. ASBO might be effective.
  2. Not a lot of people know that the Caley Railway line ran past Meadow Park, Irvine.
  3. The video shows only the last thirty seconds. I was right in the middle of it and managed to get the door shut to keep the thugs out. Then had to open it again to get our physio to safety, whereupon the thugs charged again and one got in before I got the door shut again. It’s time the Glenafton Committee got these guys barred. Maybe see the council about an asbo.
  4. Ian Mair Park in Dyce sits under a disused line that is know a cycle track/walkway. A few years ago it was blamed for keeping the sun from defrosting the pitch for about 5 weeks. Despite the banking being on the east side and would only shelter it at sunrise.
  5. I knew of an amateur team who had a game postponed as the penalty spots had been stolen. By the manager at dead of night as it was a stag weekend.
  6. Even as a Medda fan I can confirm you are miles behind Talbot in that regard.
  7. I just asked Ben Carson what happened. His studs caught in the surface. I saw Kyle Prior (Dumbarton player then on loan to BSC) do his ankle the same way.
  8. It looks a decent surface, but I wonder how long it will last. I thought it affected both teams today, with passes overhit and skipping away from the recipient. But in my own opinion; plastic pitches ruin football.
  9. Should have been a straight red though. A forearm smash!
  10. 50 minutes in and we finally have an answer to the OP. Simply slip the West Juniors in at Tier 5 and dump the dross to Tier 6.
  11. And very grateful we were, too.
  12. If the SFA take Tommy Boyd to task, how long will it be before the SJFA throw the book at The Darvel Legend? Not that he’s the only club official guilty of abusing social media.
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