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  1. News for both clubs: Stuart Baxter has just been sacked from his Indian League team Odisha.
  2. Players are signing contracts NOW. Are you suggesting they’ll sign not knowing what they’re being paid? Will clubs be offering contracts that could put them in financial problems if they were based on the original setup?
  3. Can I ask how many clubs have already sold season tickets? Were they sold on the basis of 19 home games? We’re wages worked out on the same basis, 19 home games and cup games?
  4. Not a bad idea, but it would have to be subject to late entry if limit hadn’t been reached.
  5. Corona virus testing isn’t being carried out in tennis courts, golf courses or the about to be newly opened children’s playgrounds. Why should it be a problem for non league?
  6. I’ve sent a tweet to Stuart and Tam: A request for Jason Leitch to propose to the Sports Minister the following: Allow a return to football spectating for followers of non-league and lowest SPFL clubs. They have small attendances and space to maintain whatever social distancing is required. Easy to manage if attendance restricted to season tickets, and would let clubs increase fanbase by selling seasons to new supporters who are desperate to watch football on a Saturday. Visiting fans to produce current seasons to gain entry. Why should smaller clubs wait on the big boys to get their games on when we could be watching our clubs long beforehand. Anyone with a say in running their clubs should be getting them to have the leagues lobby the government.
  7. You beat me to it. Every year I ask that question.
  8. Does Felix own the Ants? “I will instruct MY delegate...”. Surely a committee decision?
  9. It was a sweetener for the SJFA to have a role in football nationwide. It’ll create a fixture logjam and, in my opinion, will last only a season or two unless there is a national non league cup that TJ can run.
  10. I’m hearing from Chris McLaughlin that Dundee emailed their application but it wasn’t received by the authorities.
  11. Just be glad the Linkwood Flats are gone and the Drum Archery Club no longer have a launch pad.
  12. Would they give out cash to any club that would be heading for the WOSL and abandoning the SJFA?
  13. As well as the Donald Dewar Centre, Drumchapel United also have a ground at Halgreen Avenue that is already enclosed and with a bit of ground around it that would allow extension to facilitate changing and spectators. I spent some time working with an amateur team about 11 years ago and we played them at Halgreen in a Cup tie.
  14. We now have Summer Pie n Bovril in Spring. Can you imagine what a long winter it’ll be if we move to summer football? 6 hours of daylight and close season PnB is a horrific prospect.
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