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  1. Chances are Chris Craig will be "injured" come the return fixture, but as a good will gesture he won't take wages while "injured"
  2. Really? Shocking, guess Chris Craig could teach Ladeside fans about honesty and integrity if they weren't appreciative of their former players contributions "and deductions" today
  3. Good player, peasie will defo reap the rewards if he can stay... Injury free
  4. Crazy reports of sheep and cattle being petrol bombed on the outskirts of Perth but all red squirrels seem ok, can it be true??!
  5. Great to see Chris Craig steal a goal today, always good to see someone recover from serious injury that kept him out Saturday's last season (not so much Sunday's). Wonder if he can rob kilbirnie (again) when peasie go to the vale, home fans will be sure to welcome him back after his difficult recovery last season from injury
  6. Wales, smaller population, Swansea doing well in the premiership, national team doing decent
  7. Gartcairn were probably the wrong place to start, they waste lots of money on lavish banquets only to bin it
  8. Will there be a live stream of this anywhere? I'm too afraid to go near this one
  9. What does paddy McCourt feel about nearly being phoned?
  10. He's deputy chief in the local orange charter thingy too
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