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  1. It was probably one of our best performances of the season v Whitehill but Gordon finds it difficult being positive about the Rose. His default is generally that the opposition must be rank.
  2. Could you be any more patronising about the opposition. Why exactly do you think Huntly were much inferior opposition when I'm guessing you've seen them once this season.
  3. Nice to see Kelty getting pumped on TV........nothing changes in 12 years.
  4. He was a resounding success compared to what followed!
  5. Trust a beggar to start greeting over a £1.
  6. Still bitter from 2007. Let it go man!
  7. What vote? Do you seriously think the Scottish Parliament will legislate for Bonnyrigg's application to be accepted.
  8. No thanks. He couldn't manage a stall at a car boot sale.
  9. I feel he has slowed up a little this season, which was contributing to our troubles in the early months. But his positional sense, touch and finishing mean there are many more goals in him yet, he just needs others to do his running for him. Disagree. I actually think he's got himself fitter than in the previous 2-3 seasons.
  10. I think you will find your defence sold it at a knock down price.
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