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  1. 9 games in and it looks as if this year's league will be a tight run contest again with teams taken points off each. How does everyone see this one panning out come the end of the season?
  2. Think this stand at Montrose Roselea would beat the Fraserburgh one for smallest seating section in the game.
  3. What's everyone's thoughts of how this league is shaping up after the first 7 or 8 games or so? Any surprises or are Downfield going to run away with it as previously predicted on here?
  4. Cheers the bare. Brave statement drew. Can't see it myself.
  5. Where is the thread on this division the bare? I haven't seen one. Personally I think it will be a close league with no stand out teams, every body capable of taking points off each other.
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