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  1. Peebles won 2-0, but it is no exaggeration to say that Duns dominated the game from start to finish.It's all about getting the ball in the net though, and sadly that's where The Dingers came up short.
  2. Deserved win for Leith, dominating the second half. Pitch looked sticky and I thought that might be in Peebles favour, but Leith look a tidy outfit and ultimately too strong for the Borders side. Rough headcount was around 230 spectators, mainly it seemed supporting Peebles. Congratulations to Leith on winning this cup for the 3rd year running.
  3. Cup finals are rare for clubs like Peebles. From what I see on social media, there's something of a cup fever going on in the town. Maybe the local baker is baking a Rovers cake. Seriously, I think Rovers will have a healthy following on Sunday, with it being played only 6 miles down the road. It may even attract a few Innerleithen folks to the game, though they may be supporting Leith, given the local rivalry. Think I will pop along and give the Borders side my support.
  4. Next Sunday, and an intriguing encounter ensues between the leaders of the first and premier divisions. On paper Leith would look to be too strong for Peebles Rovers, but the first division side are flying at the moment, and playing with a great deal of confidence. As a Duns man, I would like to see the borders side succeed,and think they may well just do that. What's you guys view on the match ?
  5. I am sure they are glad they don't play Peebles every week. I agree with Colin Mac , they always try to keep the ball on the ground and play football, but they need to sort out their defensive problems. They are a good bunch, and I hope things pick up for them soon.
  6. Beginning to look like, any team finishing above Peebles wins the league.Hopefully that might be Duns, but Rovers looking strong.
  7. On the subject of player moves. Does anyone know if Chris Anderson has another club, having left the Vale
  8. It's early days, but from what I have seen of Peebles, Ormiston and Duns, they could hold their own in the Premier Division, with Peebles having knocked out 2 Premier sides to reach the Alex Jack final. Heriot Watt appear to be getting over their traditional slow start, and look likely to be in the mix at the business end of the season. At the moment, Ormiston look the strongest to me, and the most likely league winners, having strengthened their squad very effectively.
  9. Final to be played on 2nd November, at Victoria Park, Innerleithen.
  10. As the Duns game was off, I made my way to Fernieside for the Tynie v Peebles Rovers match. Both teams unbeaten in their respective leagues, it was safe to say Tynecastle went in to the match strong favourites, however, Rovers belied the odds, and how. Rovers were clearly well up for the match , and took the game to Tynie from the kick off, with a Scott Sutherland double giving the visitors a well deserved lead, only for Tynecastle to pull one back, seconds before half time. I expected the home side to come out, 2nd half , all guns blazing, but Rovers looked more likely to add to their lead. Only 2 magnificent stops from the home sides keeper prevented Rovers adding to their lead. There was a period of sustained pressure from Tynecastle but the visitors held firm, and added to their lead minutes from the end, with new signing Paul Murray netting. All in all, an enjoyable match for the neutral, and Peebles Rovers can be very proud of this deserved victory, and anow a cup final to look forward to.
  11. Couple of observations from yesterday's match. First, it was a decent game for a no score draw. Peebles probably had the better of the first half, Duns the 2nd. Some woeful finishing from both sides, but build up play was decent. Secondly, a word of praise for Duns. New Hawthorn Park was looking great, and testament to what a little ambition and forward thinking can achieve. I suspect both sides will be up there, come the business end of the season.
  12. Have never seen them bring any "fans " to Duns. Things must be looking up for them. To be fair, good result today.
  13. I saw Selkirk v Peebles Rovers last week and wasn't overly impressed with them. However, that's a good away win today, against, more or less, a full strength Vale. Early signs are good, and I think they will be nearer the top than the bottom, come end of season
  14. Been told Ormiston 2nd goal, scorer was well offside.That right ?
  15. A Peebles Rovers committee man tells me Knox is harbouring a grudge against Rovers, for them voting against Selkirk having a team in the EOS. God knows what he thinks of Kelso, who seconded them, then voted against them. Glad Duns voted for them !!
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