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  1. As far as I remember with the Selby case, they proved that the guy had been awake for a ridiculous length of time so treated it as a willful case of dangerous driving as he knew he was in no fit state to drive. I suppose there is a subtle difference in Glasgow case but don't understand why PF were so quick to declare that there would be no prosecution.
  2. If you're in to cycling the bike show from resonance fm is good as is the telegraph cycling podcast. Also seconds for guardian football weekly and bbc world football phone in. Others I enjoy are Kermode and mayo film review and fighting talk - though not as good as it used to be
  3. Interesting that Dicko was objecting to the cooncil building 2G instead of 3. Would you believe that Renfrewshire put blaze or 'golden gravel' parks in some of their new build schools about 5 years ago?
  4. I know - I am the classic lurker. Don't know what prompted me to post. I really did love my MAarts at Glasgow. Great lectures, brilliant library.
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