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  1. I really don’t think the club can be defended regarding their handling of this. I’m sure that they will try and shift the blame to the council, but it was the club that stated that if restrictions were still in place at the start of the season, priority would be given to fans in order of date of season ticket purchase. It’s the club that then shifted the goalposts on Monday night (despite a decision being imminent by the council on Tuesday) and made it first come first served, expecting people to take hours away from their work to queue for a ticket. It was also the club that then announced that they were confident that all season ticket holders would be able to attend following the council decision. Any season ticket holder that ends up without a ticket for this match will quite rightly be fuming and an apology from the club just won’t be good enough.
  2. Fair enough he might not have time to update it regularly but if he's able to post on other threads it'd be nice if people who have asked questions got a response.
  3. Not been updated since the end of November. Any chance of an update soon?
  4. Has this just been given up on or what? In a league with a few mates for money but it's a bit shit if the points are never updated.
  5. Are the points for the last round of fixtures getting done soon?
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