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  1. Brian Reid was the reason I stopped buying a season ticket at Somerset, he achieved promotion twice but only just when automatic promotion should have been achieved and his teams in the championship were appalling. Too defensive and poor to watch he will take Stranraer to their natural level all right- league two.
  2. Joe Cardle is certainly not signing any time soon as he is in London right now according to his Twitter account.
  3. McKeown from Stranraer would be a much better signing than bringing back McKenna on loan. I take it Murphy is not signing?
  4. Great idea, will encourage people to buy season tickets and then get them to travel to more away games. All the clubs in our league should follow suit.
  5. We have a proper manager now and if signs will be used properly and the goals will flow, we badly need a free scoring midfield player, welcome back Alan.
  6. Looking forward to having the best defence in the league next season.
  7. It's on Facebook he had signed a 2 year deal. Very, very good signing.
  8. Lithgow no thanks. Had his chance and walked away don't really like returns they don't usually work out.
  9. Nae luck my little Galloway friends think we'll pick up an easy 12 points next season, mon the Ayr!
  10. Should be a good tie, fingers crossed for Forfar, think they deserve it and Alloa is closer to travel to next season.
  11. I think Stenny are there for the taking, Fifers to win a tight bruising affair.
  12. Stranraer are a much better team than Forfar and expect them to win promotion.
  13. Even with a new boss, it's the same injury prone shaky defence and a totally impotent attack 2 nil home win. Unless McCall manages to sign a centre half and a centre forward, unlikely though.
  14. Please not Brian Reid again, we've been there before and it didn't work, time for someone with a proven track record.
  15. Well unless Fergie has decided to come out of retirement to apply for the job I believe Calderwood is the most qualified out of the likes of Stark, McColl, Henderson, Sloan etc. Ayrexile is entirely correct in that all previous Ayr managers in recent years have been poor and not made it in management anywhere. An experienced old heid is exactly what we need and Calderwood seems to fit the bill.
  16. Calderwoods stats are impressive, did very well at Dunfermline getting them promoted and taking them to fourth in the SPL. Did a good job at Aberdeen taking them to the last 16 in Europe. Even at Kilmarnock he kept them up when they looked doomed, at Ross County he only lost 4 games out of 17. Recently he has been managing in Holland again, quite successfully, he is by far the most qualified for the Ayr job. On the question of bullying you are only hearing one side of the story and he won't be the first manager who didn't understand depression and quite frankly no club with players on very short contacts and little resource could manage depression well, they just don't have the time and patience. I for one would warmly welcome his appointment however I suspect Lachlan will look for a cheaper option!
  17. I know it's the same bunch of players, I know that Millan was part of the management team that got us into this situation. But I can't help feeling that things will be different, the fans will get behind the team and we will go and win 2 nil without breaking sweat.
  18. I would be astonished if both Morton & Dunfermline didn't finish in the top 4 with Dunfermline probably winning it. As for Ayr we should be fighting out the title with the other 2 but realistically I think regardless of which new manager we get 6th place is about the best we can expect.
  19. I don't care either and won't be there on Saturday, 40 odd years following Ayr home and away and the past few seasons has been the worst I can remember. Probably a heavy defeat would be the best result for us as then surely Cameron would have to act and get someone who has a clue about running a football team.
  20. Great idea a team to support and one that will probably beat the other team in Ayr.
  21. Sounds to me that he will either sack him or back him, lets hope it's the former.
  22. Can we swap you guys take Roberts and we'll have Jeffries? Seems like a fair exchange.
  23. Yet an other unacceptable result, when will the board take some action? 3 years of total crap and still they let it go on. Change of management is long overdue.
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