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  1. Trying to blame Murphy for all our problems is just a bit strange, we lost today because El Baktoui showed a bit of class we didn't show today, end of.
  2. As for the Cowdenbeath game he did make a mistake but the goal was further on in the movement and was not solely his fault.
  3. Think you have to give credit to the goal scorer not sure any of our present central defenders should have done any better.
  4. What a bizarre statement. Murphy was been one of our most consistent performers recently not sure what your blabbering on about.
  5. Well actually Murphy was probably the second best player on the park today!
  6. The difference between the two teams was El Bakhtoui without out him Dunfermline would never have scored and Ayr could have played all day without scoring. As I have stated before Dunfermline have the best squad in the division and throughly deserve to win the league. Ayr have some rethinking to do to be able to win the playoffs seriously think we will start as underdogs against both Peterhead and the second bottom team whoever that is.
  7. Only one winner tomorrow. Has to be the famous United FC.
  8. Not angry mate just pleased to hammer your crappy little team.
  9. None of which hit the target, whilst your keeper made several top saves. Away and enjoy your relegation battle!
  10. If you think you could have scored 2 or 3 goals then you are as deluded as Nish, here's some stats for you from the game- Ayr possession 59% Shots 20 Shots on target 10 Cowdenbeath possession 41% Shots 8 Shots on target 3. Now away and do the sums, you were outplayed and destroyed in 15 minutes.
  11. Totally agree Callum-ayr, we totally blew them away in the first 30 minutes and could and should have been 5 or 6 up by then. How he thinks they were well in the game baffles me and strikes me that he is rather deluded.
  12. The next game is at Somerset, Stevo should start in a midfield role with Preston back up front we need some goal threat from midfield.
  13. Today was always going to be a tough game and although we didn't play as well as we can we won and gained the 3 points. We know have 3 very winnable games next and if we take a further 9 points then we are bang on course for second spot. Performance was always secondary to the points today.
  14. Despite us not being at our best I thought we more than deserved the win. However, for all the Forfar fans out there I thought your team played well and with better finishing may have got a result. Swankie was a constant threat in the first half and the boy who scored took his goal well. I really believe you guys are more than good enough to get out trouble and even if you do finish second bottom should easily win the play offs.
  15. Gerry had a poor first half but was very solid in the second. It was Adams, who played very well, who was at fault over the second goal.
  16. That was poor, Peterhead were the better team all be it a tad cynical. Title is over for us and second place under threat, as been said previously don't fancy us beating Peterhead in a play off over two legs.
  17. I'm sorry but fans must be taking into account a decision should be taken at lunch time and it was, game on. Unless a monsoon hits the scene prior to kick off then the game should go ahead. As has been stated previously other games with similar wind went ahead and in the past we have played in similar conditions. Both management teams and the ref got this wrong.
  18. Typical banana skin, we should win by 2 clear goals but you never know.
  19. If and it's a big if we get our injured players back then a trip to Peterhead doesn't worry me, however, if we are still putting out an Ayr select team then we will take a battering. It's a long shot but not giving up on this league just yet.
  20. Considering the makeshift team we put out that was an impressive display. Stevo was different class, the type of performance I was expecting from him but obviously he wasn't match fit until today. I also thought Preston was much sharper with Moore up front to help him, a quick word for Mick Wardrobe he was a bit nervous to begin with but came onto a game in the second half. Rovers were a shadow of the team that we played earlier in the season and I worry a bit for them that 4th place spot is looking harder to achieve now, even with the games in hand.
  21. He has been good for Dunfermline this season, worth a punt by Hibs or some lower Premiership club. I don't think the Pars would be keen for him to leave and cash would have to change hands so probably nothing will happen until the end of the season.
  22. Jason Scotland has signed until the end of the season with Stenny, so he is not one of the 2 new signings.
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