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  1. Looks like Trouts has been released by us would you guys have him back?
  2. No they just couldn't cope with the pressure of playing for the mighty united
  3. Not the most exciting draw but does give us a chance of progressing
  4. Fair point, however, I think most of the players we signed under Watt were just mince.
  5. Didn't we sell George to Stranraer rather than pinching him from Stranraer?
  6. This is a must as he won't get away carrying that weight in the championship
  7. I'm only saying that some exciting transfer news would boost season ticket sales.
  8. If they want the fair weather fans to buy season tickets we need some signings to get excited about.
  9. Best- Dunfermline 0 Ayr 2 for a good few weeks we thought we would win the league Worst- Ayr 1 Dunfermline 2 losing against 10 men a week after losing to them in the cup. Pretty much made me realise we weren't going to win the league
  10. Yes but the last couple of league games were dead rubbers for Ki*lie whilst Falkirk had tough matches against Hibs.
  11. According to the official Motherwell site they are discussing a new deal with Moore, if he's not going to feature in the first team squad then I don't understand why they would do this.
  12. Maybe too much a professional and doesn't drink😀
  13. McCall stated that he expects Devlin to stay and he wants to try and keep Moore & Preston. He said that he needs 5 new players to give us a bit better quality.
  14. League will be easier next season but Reid will have to keep the best players and add a bit of steel up front for you to win the league
  15. Think this should be on the league two thread😄
  16. Good luck in the play off final against the k**lie.
  17. Looking forward to a tight tussle but fully expect us to be too strong. Despite our rivalry I don't hate Stranraer and hope you come up next season.
  18. First time was impressive especially as he hasn't played in about 4 weeks.
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