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  1. A bit harsh guys. He was no Maldini but was solid enough and scored a fair few penalties for us. Thistle bound I bet
  2. I’m assuming ICT stay down. Dundee will start as clear favourites I suspect Inverness & Partick will be in the top 3. So from 4th down is open to debate. I expect Cove and QP to finish bottom 2 but as stated they are the great unknown
  3. BBC Alba obviously had hoped for a Dunfermline v Montrose final
  4. He has calmed down a bit recently I think. The heads gone against St. Johnstone was totally criminal and cost us the game.
  5. Muirhead is definitely replaceable. I get the continuity stuff but would rather see some new faces. Great penalty taker mind you.
  6. Can anyone confirm that the hub is open on Saturday and showing the FA cup final?
  7. Stillie only because of his politics though lol Rumour has it that Bullen voted Tory, so I guess you’ll want him sacked now
  8. Biggest embarrassment at Somerset I witnessed was a 4-0 demolition at the hands of Cowdenbeath
  9. Some good players at Airdrie, certainly not a Brechin. Remember they had McInroy at the start of the season and Gallagher and smith have scored a few goals.
  10. This should make the championship a little easier next season. Hope Airdrie don’t make it up now
  11. I’m no Rangers fan but don’t be so parochial. Fantastic achievement for any Scottish club
  12. Does anyone know If the hub offers food on a non match day Saturday?
  13. Tbf Bell wanted to leave as he didn’t want full time football
  14. He’s going to be coaching but they want him signed as a player in case of emergencies
  15. I suspect a lot of this current squad have been offered reduced terms to re-sign as a good number are just not good enough.
  16. We are negotiating with him so I’m guessing unless someone comes up with better terms he’ll sign for us
  17. Wow that’s a strange one. Call me a cynic but I don’t believe any young, talented player would sign a 3 year deal with us.
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