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  1. Tomi was never adverse to throwing himself down after a slight touch as well you know.
  2. Sounds like Tomi is just trying to get as much cash as possible. I would move on and look elsewhere he was good but was no Harry Kane. Good luck to him but best for both parties to call it a day,
  3. That’s harsh. I thought he was one of our better performers most weeks
  4. That is all true. But we have a bit to go to have a team competent at this level
  5. He’s back from holiday was playing a charity game in London last week
  6. Tomi is not signing. This guy is a straight replacement for him. Personally I would rather have retained Tomi as we know what we get from him. I still think there is a better player in him to emerge but it’s not going to be with us.
  7. Tomi is long gone and it’s a pity as he showed last season great potential I really think he would’ve kicked on after another season with us.
  8. I was merely stating that bringing players from Ireland or non league England is a big gamble. Some work many don’t.
  9. Big gamble this for us for every Adeloye there are lots of Andre Wrights, Gondoh’s and Afolabi’s. I do trust our recruitment team but 6th tier in England is a huge risk.
  10. Because I don’t think we would sign 2 strikers from England on decent wages
  11. No bank holiday is stupid. Especially when it means I can get to the sun without using holidays
  12. I suspect he’ll end up at a higher level than us. After all he got out of his Accies contract which was signed in the Premiership
  13. Can’t wait to see his photo with uncle Ian signing a 2 year deal
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