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  1. Because I don’t think we would sign 2 strikers from England on decent wages
  2. No bank holiday is stupid. Especially when it means I can get to the sun without using holidays
  3. I suspect he’ll end up at a higher level than us. After all he got out of his Accies contract which was signed in the Premiership
  4. Can’t wait to see his photo with uncle Ian signing a 2 year deal
  5. If McInroy isn’t signing for us he’ll be going to a Fife club, most probably Raith
  6. Sorry but it’s a no on Chalmers, we did warn you he was total mince. In Yogi we trust.
  7. Moff is pretty much past it now. He’s supposed to be signing with us as a fitness coach and emergency player.
  8. If he’s in Japan difficult to sign for Thistle then
  9. Great. Let’s hope he signs then. Smashing player imo
  10. I see Thistle fans are expecting Adeloye and McInroy to sign for them next week, if true that’s a massive kick in the nuts to lose them both to McCall!
  11. Has the Broadfoot rumour got any mileage to it? I remember him saying last season that he’d love to stay in Ayrshire as his family are settled here but he couldn’t see Ayr wanting to sign him.
  12. I tend to agree with you and always thought he would be the harder of the 2 main targets to get signed up.
  13. I’m more of an optimist, it looks to me like he’s staying.
  14. And at what higher level did Adeloye score loads of goals exactly?
  15. What a bizarre statement. So we shouldn’t be signing anyone from direct Opponents. If that was the case we wouldn’t have signed Murdoch, McInroy etc. not to mention Shankland!
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