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  1. Personally I think Allan, though undoubtedly quality, would be an expensive risk. I suspect he would be injured more times than he would be fit and that’s not the type of signing we need with such a small squad.
  2. Probably because he couldn’t find a club stupid enough to pay him for hoofing the ball in the air and causing general mayhem in his own penalty box
  3. To think people were wanting Baird to play ahead of him last season. Shows what we know about team selection sometimes.
  4. Remember last season and all the flak about McGinty playing as our first choice centre back. Now he’s first name on the team sheet
  5. Going by past Bullen line up choices 100% he will play the team that started the second half on Friday night.
  6. Are you for real? So it’s okay to mis control a ball in the box hit it off your own hand which is making your body shape much bigger and it’s not a penalty? I’m sorry but stonewaller all day long.
  7. It’s not about moaning it’s about seeking improvement and trying to be at the right end of the league. Yes second half last night was great and everyone played their part but we are short of quality to be top end rather than bottom end. I’m all for supporting the team but if you want to have a successful season you have to be realistic with the squad we currently have.
  8. After the euphoria of last night, it’s important to realise we are still short of a few players. I know he played well and helped change the game but Mark MacKenzie as our centre forward will not work constantly. We really need a partner for Dipo and some more depth to the midfield
  9. Well that was an interesting game. First half we were an absolute disgrace and Queens Park looked pretty decent and deservedly took a 2-0 lead. Bryden’s miss when straight through summed our performance up. second half we were a totally different team. Been a long time since I’ve seen us go from zeros to heroes from 2-0 down. Btw Eze is the largest player I have ever seen that can’t win a header since Kevin James signed for us.
  10. Very true but also strange that Livvy thought he wasn’t good enough for them.
  11. He’s on the bench tonight and so as a squad member I doubt he’ll be sent out on loan.
  12. Didn’t he play over 20 games last season for Swindon?
  13. I think rather than us being better than last season it’s more that Arbroath are way worse than last season. Bottom 5 for both teams unless a few rabbits are pulled out the hat. Both teams could play all year and not score.
  14. We were pretty solid at the back. Created quite a few chances especially first half but not clinical. I suspect both ourselves and Arbroath will be bottom 5.
  15. Surely it’ll be Edinburgh FC or some other lower league east coast team. I can’t see it being us
  16. English 6th tier is far higher quality than Scottish 6th tier. All down to population density I guess
  17. Nice to see Cove falling apart just before the start of the season
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